Oswego Area Had Above Average Growing Season

OSWEGO, NY – The growing season officially came to an end on Oct. 16.

The temperature slipped to 31 degrees, but there was no frost, according to Bill Gregway, local observer for the National Weather Service.

“The last below freezing temperature (30 degrees) occurred on April 14,” Gregway said. “From then to Oct. 16 was 184 days.”

The average number of days in the growing season locally is 182, he said.

“Last year we only had 170 days,” he added.

The 31 on the 16th tied the record low set in 1979.

On average, the first frost of the season is on Oct. 22.

“This year, it occurred on the 19th (Monday),” Gregway said.

October 2009 is also without snow, Gregway pointed out.

“There was snow all around us recently, especially to the south and east. They all got it, we didn’t,” he said.

October usually gets 0.4-inch of snow.

There have been times when we got more, Gregway pointed out.

In 2003, 5 inches fell in October; there was 3.8 inches in 1972, 3.4 inches in 1997, and 3.2 inches in 1930.

“There are a lot of one inches and traces (of snow),” Gregway said. “So, you never know. Keep your shovels handy.”