Oswego Capital Project Vote Set March 6

capital project finances

OSWEGO – Taxpayers in the Oswego City School District will go to the polls Tuesday to decide the fate of a proposed multi-million capital project aimed at refurbishing the district’s aging schools and athletic fields.

The projected cost of the plan is $60,180,000.

It has been in the works for about 10 years, according to Superintendent Dr. Dean Goewey. The district’s recent responsible budgets and reductions have helped make this project possible now, he said at a public hearing last month.

He said he refers to the proposal as the “$37.87 project,” because that is what it would cost the owner of a $100,000 home.

State building aid is expected to pay for 63.4 percent of the work. Around 26 percent will be funded by retiring debt. And, the district will use $4 million from a reserve funded previously established for this purpose.

Local funds to be applied total $4,000,000.

The estimated average local share per year would be $547,577. And the impact per $1,000 full value is anticipated to be 38 cents. The impact on the tax levy is estimated at 2.14 percent.

The 15-year project will ensure the next generation of Oswego students has access to safe, up-to-code learning environments, the superintendent said.

The project will be done in four phases, with groundbreaking in 2019.

Every five years, New York State schools are required to go through a state mandated building condition survey.

During the last survey, more than $41 million worth of work was identified across the district. During the next five years, it must be addressed in some form.

If Tuesday’s referendum fails, the district would still be required to do $41 million in repairs to repair its buildings.

That work would include roof repairs, installation of carbon monoxide detectors, lead removal and more.

Project Financials (includes athletics)

• OHS – $23,250,000
• OMS – $12,609,000
• FLS – $12,260,000
• Minetto – $3,050,000
• CER – $1,073,000
• KPS – $3,969,000
• FPS – $3,969,000

Following voter approval, the proposal would be sent to the State Education Department and a reply would likely come sometime around October.

The work would be done over two summers in 2019 and 2020.

The polls will be open from noon to 9 p.m. Tuesday.

District One will vote at the Scriba Fire Station; District Two will vote at the former Ed Center; District Three will vote at Elim Grace Church and District Four will vote at the Oswego Town Hall.


  1. One other thing…..why is the District passing on the cost of the flooding problem to tax payers in the towns? The flooding is a City of Oswego problem NOT a school district problem. Funny, just as soon as the District moved from that corner because of flooding the city cleared the line to the lake. Now that it’s plugged again you want to move back? The whole thing is not needed.

  2. Unbelievable waste of money. This needs to be voted down.. There are 20 million dollars of frill projects, and 41 million dollars for a school district with much lower enrollment than it had years ago, close 2 schools then and chop another $10 million off the project.

    They do these capital projects every 5-6 years, where did the money from 5-6 years ago go? The school board and superintendent will tell you “we weren’t there, it was a different group of people.” At some point, this frivolous waste of taxpayer dollars can no longer be tolerated.

  3. Good luck getting the vote out to get enough “no” votes. You’re going up against all the teachers and their friends who love to waste taxpayer dollars. I’ll be going down to vote against this insane proposition!!

  4. Anybody out there remember Room 313 at the old OHS and the condition of the gym in the late 60’s? They even had split sessions and names carved into the desktops. THOSE conditions were why the “new (now 46 year old) OHS” was built. There was certainly a need for it at the time. Yet, at the same time, the class of ’70 still graduated with a decent education, mostly due to quality teachers in most instances. Not sure if the present conditions at OHS or the other schools are as bad yet, but somehow I seriously doubt it compared to the above situation. That certainly wasn’t an “up to code” learning enviroment, but we survived. ‘Up to Code” is a continuous money grab by whoever is demanding it.

  5. Between the people running this school board & the water/sewer rates, getting out of this town ASAP hath become my life’s mission!

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