Oswego Children’s Theater to Present “Juvie” at the Harms Theater Festival

The Oswego Children’s Theater teen ensemble will be presenting a production of the Teen drama Juvie at the Micheal J. Harms Theater Festival in Auburn next weekend.

The Michael J. Harms Theater Festival is an annual event run by the Cultural Resources Council that features Performances from area high school aged groups. This year the festival will be held at the Auburn Campus of Cayuga Community College.

The event begins with a series of performances of one-act plays given by the participating groups. Then a panel of judges, consisting of area theater professionals, adjudicate the performances and award individual and group commendations that are later awarded at an banquet following the event.

The festival also features afternoon workshops where each participant is given the chance to work hands on in various theater projects. The festival provides a rare opportunity for theater kids to display their outstanding acting and technical achievement in front of their peers and professional theater practitioners. The program has gained wide recognition as a theater experience of high educational value and fun. This is the first time the Oswego Children’s theater has participated in the event.

“Juvie”, as the title indicates, takes place in a Juvenile Detention Center lockup. It tells the tale of a group of young teens that are brought into “Juvie” for crimes ranging from shop lifting to murder. The play opens with an ominous voice introducing the characters and the crimes they are accused of as they file into a pair of bare jail cells.

The cast includes Lauren Farnsworth, Carl Fisk, Maddison Neuland, T.J. Pospesel, Angela Thomas, and Hailey Thompson. Non acting participants in the event include Hayden Avery, Abby Field, Jessica Johnston, Lena Kimball, and Austin Swindon,

Production staff includes Lyndsie Lee Jones as Director, Aaron Callahan as Stage Manager, and Kelly Mosher, on Costume design. The “Juvie” set was originally designed and built by Ken Snow.

“Juvie” was written by the late Jerome McDonough and is presented by special arrangement with I.E. Clark Publications.