Oswego Children Injured When Vehicle Strikes School Bus

Six elementary school students, five from Kingsford Park and one from the Oswego Community Christian School,  were transported by Oswego City and Menter ambulances as the result of a school bus-pick up truck accident early Monday morning.

The Oswego City Police Department investigated the accident which occurred at the intersection of West Fifth and Utica streets where an Oswego City School District bus was involved in a two-vehicle accident.

According to OCPD Captain David Lizotte, the operator of the second vehicle, the one that hit the bus, was ticketed for “Imprudent Speed” and “Failure to Stop for a Red Light.”

Five ambulances from the Oswego City Fire Department and Menter responded to the scene along with Oswego City Police, Oswego Fire Department Units and school district personnel.

The students were taken to the Oswego Hospital Emergency Room for evaluation and observation, but no serious injuries were reported. The bus driver was also examined at the emergency room.

Oswego City School District spokesperson Bill Foley said, “Once again the cooperative effort between the fire and police departments and Menter was very valuable in providing safety for our students. Each student received individual attention. KPS Principal Mary Volkomer was at the scene and accompanied each student to the second bus which was brought to the scene to complete the morning transport to Kingsford Park. We would also like to thank the Oswego Hospital Emergency Room staff for the care they provided to the children.”

There were 27 students on the bus and 18 continued on to school while parents came and took three students home.

Volkomer noted, “When students arrived at school we encouraged each on to contact their parents or guardian to update them and reassure the adults that the children were doing well. We also had counselors available in case children wanted to talk about the accident.”

Fire Chief Jeff McCrobie said, “The coordination was outstanding. The police department and school district work well together with us and in events such as this we all come together as one to do what is needed.”

The Oswego City School District bus was heavily damaged in the accident and had to be towed from the scene.

“The Oswego Hospital emergency room staff immediately put a plan together when they learned the students would be arriving, just as they would for any multiple
patient arrival,” said Steve Olson, RN, clinical nurse manager of the ER. “As they got here, the students were triaged and the appropriate care for their minor injuries was provided. The ER staff is trained and prepared for this type of accident. They deliver exceptional care each and every day and this morning was no exception.”

Jim Jones, Oswego County EMS Coordinator, was at the scene and complimented the emergency personnel for the efficient process in removing students from the disabled bus.