Oswego Children’s Theater’s ‘Velveteen Rabbit’ Continues This Weekend

OSWEGO – The Oswego Children’s Theater’s special holiday presentation of Margery Williams’ “The Velveteen Rabbit” will continue its run for a second weekend, December 18 – 20.

The Velveteen Rabbit is bright, happy show, with colorful costumes, an easily followed story, and a short run time, that will be sure to enchant audiences of kids and grownups alike.

The show features an ensemble cast that includes Mary Buske as the Narrator, Brannigan Paye-Walker as Nana, Donavin Powless as the Boy, Alexandra Reith as the Velveteen Rabbit, Emma Deloff as the Toy Soldier, Nolan Conners as the Ball, Ethan Cliff as the Toy Boat, Olivia Garafolo as Jack in the Box One, Cloey Walker as Jack in the Box Two, Katy Knighton as Chatty Cathy Doll, Evan Roddy as the Skin Horse and Astrid Livesey as the Doctor.

The Velveteen Rabbit was adapted for stage by John Steven and is produced by special arrangement with Encore Publishing.

The production will be led by a team of directors including Wayne Mosher along with new directors Gary Smith and Tom Nunez.

Kelly Mosher and Gary Smith will serve as costume designers.

Wayne Mosher will serve as stage manager with Astrid Livesey on deck crew and briefly on stage as the Doctor.

Gary Smith will be on sound and Tom Nunez on lights.

The Velveteen Rabbit will be presented December 18 and 19 at 7:30 p.m. and December 20 at 2 p.m.

The show will be presented at the performance space in the New Haven Congregational Church, located on Route 104 East, between Oswego and Mexico.

Tickets are set at $5 for all seats.

For reservations and information call 315-342- 5265.