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September 24, 2018

Oswego Cinema 7 Fri 06/07/13 – Sat 06/08/13

AFTER EARTH (DIGITAL)                                   PG13

     12:30p      2:50p       5:10p       7:30p       9:50p

  EPIC (DIGITAL)                                                  PG

     1:40p       4:05p       6:30p       8:55p

  FAST & FURIOUS 6 (DIGITAL)                            PG13

     1:20p       4:10p       7:00p       9:50p

  NOW YOU SEE ME (DIGITAL)                            PG13

     2:00p       4:40p       7:20p       10:00p

  STAR TREK INTO                                              PG13


     1:35p       6:55p

  THE HANGOVER PART III (DIGITAL)                  R

     4:35p       9:55p

  THE INTERNSHIP (DIGITAL)                              PG13

     1:50p       4:30p       7:10p       9:50p

  THE PURGE (DIGITAL)                                       R

     1:30p       3:40p       5:45p       7:50p       10:05p

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