Oswego City Committees Get Together

OSWEGO, NY – The first committee meeting of Mayor Tom Gillen’s tenure had a fresh look to it on Jan. 3.

Instead of the committee members seated at a table in front with the rest of the council members scattered around the room in the audience as in past years, the entire council sat, together, at one long table.

“You may have noticed that we are all sitting a little bit differently than we normally do,” said Council President Ron Kaplewicz. “In discussion with Mayor Gillen in trying to make this a place where all the councilors, department heads and public can actively communicate the issues that come before the committee and the council, this, I think, is a step in that direction.”

It was a bit confusing when committee members had to keep getting up and down and changing seats and were scattered about the audience, he added.

The councilors have a very important responsibility and whether or not they are on a particular committee, they should all be together to be able to better understand and ask questions regarding discussions that are on the table during committee meeting, he said.

During the course of the committee meetings the councilors will be seated as a group making it better for all of them to take part, Kaplewicz explained.

Each of the committee chairs will call their respective committees to order and only the committee members will vote the same as in the past.

As a matter of protocol, any questions still must go through the chair of the committee.

Kaplewicz is chair of the Administrative Services Committee. Members are Fran Enwright, Mike Myers and Dan Donovan.

Myers chairs the Physical Services Committee. Its members are Mike Todd and Shawn Walker.

Donovan is chair of the Planning and Development Committee. The members are Eric VanBuren and Enwright.

The Human Services Committee is chaired by Walker. Its members are VanBuren and Todd.

The Budget Commission is made up of Kaplewicz, Enwright and Donovan.