Oswego City GOP endorses Barlow for Mayor, several Council candidates

OSWEGO, NY – The city of Oswego Republican Committee announced it has endorsed William “Billy” Barlow for mayor of Oswego.

Barlow announced his candidacy recently with an event in Montcalm Park, saying “it’s time for fresh energy, ambitious ideas and strong leadership” offering a chance to “finally allow our city to reach its full potential, capitalizing on the positives and aggressively addressing the negatives.”

County Republican Chairman Michael C. Backus, who noted the executive branch of City government is “very different” than the legislative, described Barlow as “a person who not only has an actual vision for the Port City, but also has the track record of running a successful small business.  Those business principles, coupled with his community involvement, make him a very strong candidate for mayor.”

Oswego City Republican Chairman Mike Myers who said Barlow’s endorsement was unanimous explained that Barlow “articulates his priorities and platforms and is eager talk to the residents and hear what concerns them most. Billy is passionate about creating a more efficient code enforcement process as well as bringing forth new ideas and incentives like the tax break for homeowners who improve their homes. I’ve seen first hand how Barlow steps up, leads the charge and gets things done on behalf of the taxpayers.”

When asked for his reaction on his endorsement, Barlow said, “I’m delighted to have the unanimous endorsement of the committee and am thrilled they reacted favorably to what I presented.”

Barlow, who encouraged the committee to ask him questions following his remarks, said that the concerns of the committee matched the concerns of the residents he currently represents in the Fifth Ward.

“People want and deserve to have a parking policy they agree with. They deserve paved streets. They deserve to have the blighted, problematic house in the neighborhood dealt with,” he said. “I also know that taxes are a concern of our residents. Our working class families and seniors and retirees on fixed incomes cannot continue to be treated as a piggy bank. We need to bring fiscal responsibility and stability to the executive branch of city government.”

Several city council candidates were also endorsed, mixed with some familiar names and newcomers.

Brenda Rice will be the designated candidate in the First Ward, as current councilor Fran Enwright announced he would not seek re-election.

The Second Ward will see a rematch from last year’s race as Myers will challenge incumbent Pat McLaughlin.

Local, downtown small business owner Nate Emmons has been endorsed to campaign in the Third Ward as Mike Todd announced he would not seek re-election.

Current Fourth Ward Councilor Shawn Walker will seek re-election for his seat, as will Eric VanBuren for the Sixth Ward position.

Lastly, long-time Oswego resident and business owner Rob Corradino will run to represent the Seventh ward.

There was no endorsement made for the Fifth Ward Council seat.

The Republican City Committee also endorsed candidates for the Oswego County Legislature.

Jay Scanlon is endorsed to run in the 16th District, Shane Broadwell in the 17th District and Kelvin “Chip” Kio for District 18.

Backus summarized the endorsements by saying, “Our city ticket, led by Councilor Barlow, is ready to lead come January.  I am excited for the campaign ahead and I encourage all those nominated to start early, knock on doors, and spread our message of economic freedom, individual liberty, and fiscal accountability.”