Oswego City Police Receive New ATVs

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego City Police Department recently received two new all-terrain vehicles.

Oswego City Police Receive New ATVs
Oswego City Police Receive New ATVs

The Polaris ATVs were purchased utilizing funding obtained from Operation Stonegarden, a Federal Emergency Management Agency grant which provides funding to designated localities to enhance cooperation and coordination between Federal, State, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies.

The grant is intended to further a joint mission to secure the United States borders along routes of ingress from International borders, to include travel corridors in States bordering Mexico and Canada, as well as States and territories with International water borders.

Pictured are Oswego City Police Chief Tory L. DeCaire (center), U.S. Border Patrol Oswego Station Patrol Agent in Charge Pstachu Kohut (left), and U.S. Border Patrol Oswego Station Assistant Patrol Agent in Charge Rustin Shepardson (right).

Seated on the Polaris ATVs are Oswego City Police Department Patrolman Christopher Schmitt and Sergeant Chance Fieldson.

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  1. What strikes me is that the police can legally ride an ATV vehicle on the city streets yet the average person cannot ride their ATV around town. Last time I checked these vehicles don’t require a state safety inspection for traffic use as they’re simply not meant to be in it however some people don’t like regular motorcycles and would love to be able to just jump on an ATV and go to a store, cheaper on fuel for one. Maybe local inspections could be done to certify a machine safe? Maybe the city could issue limited use permits for a nominal fee & allow us law-abiding citizens to utilize our ATV’s for a go around town? Could even have the police give a training course to certify riders & again charge a fee for it. Money to be made if enough people were interested….I know I would be!

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