Oswego Committee Recommends Funding CitySourced System

OSWEGO, NY – At its meeting Monday night, the Administrative Services Committee recommended Oswego move forward with contracting with CitySourced.

CitySourced is “a real time mobile civic engagement platform,” which could help the city better manage its resources, councilors said.

Committee members voted unanimously to forward a resolution to the full council to transfer $5,000 from Account A1990.460 (Contingency) to Account A1010.440 (Contracted Services) to cover the cost for the CitySourced materials and equipment.

Of that amount, $2,000 is for the initial platform setup and $3,000 is for the CitySourced Platform-Enterprise Edition software.

“This will allow us to have an E-based work order system,” explained Sixth Ward Councilor Eric VanBuren. “It’s going to help us out, save on paperwork and time for the councilors.”

The city, if the resolution passes the full council, will take part in the program for a year and see how things go from there, he added.

“This is going to make the job of being a councilor a little bit nicer when we’re out in the field and there’s a tree limb that needs to come down or there is a pothole that needs to be taken care of,” agreed Second Ward Councilor Mike Myers.

The city is looking at a one-year commitment, Council President Ron Kaplewicz said.

“We will certainly look at all the potential that this has for reducing paperwork, for creating efficiencies and ultimately making, what I think, is a more effective system,” he said.

There are several data layers that can be built into the system, he added.

A data base is useful in many respects, he pointed out.

“It will help us anticipate needs and occurrences and where you might want to place resources; that type of thing,” he said. “If we can do things electronically, we can save a tree or two. I think there is a tremendous potential.”

It would take about three to five weeks for CitySourced to build the app for the Port City system, VanBuren noted.

“There would be some training involved for us after that. We’ll have to give ourselves some time to work things out internally,” he said.

The next council meeting will be held Wednesday evening. It had originally been scheduled for Christmas Eve.