Oswego Common Council Approves Harborfest Locations

Mayor Billy Barlow leads the Common Council meeting. Photo by: Shea O'Malley.

By: Shea O’Malley

OSWEGO – During a brief meeting last night, Feb. 24, Common Council members approved the use of public space to host Harborfest 2020 along with other items on the agenda.

Breitbeck Park, Wright’s Landing and various parks on both the east and west sides will encompass the venue. 

The approval included use of the new Breitbeck basketball court for a tournament and the McCrobie building parking for Harborfest staff. The annual event is scheduled for July 23-26.

The Common Council also approved the following agenda items:

  • Rebekkah Frisch, on behalf of ARC of Oswego County, requested the use of public space at Breitbeck Park, as well as the pavilion and bandstand, for an event to be held Friday Aug. 28, 2020. The event will host the musical group FLAME, a group of musicians from upstate New York who have disabilities. The group will perform on the day of the event.
  • Department of Public Works and Parks and Recreation Commissioner Thomas Kells has received a request from Bob McCrobie to donate a memorial bench in memory of his parents. The location of the bench will be on West Linear Park between Veteran’s Stage and the Cahill building as determined.
  • Kells also received a request from John Dickquist to donate a memorial bench in memory of his mother, Dawn M. Dickquist. The bench will be located at West Linear Park as determined.
  • White Glove Waste and Recycling of Baldwinsville applied for a solid waste collector license for 2020. Major and minor hauling licensing fees are $500 and $50, as required by law. The city clerk will submit all collected fees to the city chamberlain.
  • Kells recommended that the purchase of submersible sewage pumps be standardized to one manufacturer’s product, the FLY GT pump. The approved pump will now be used in all DPW submersible sewage pumps for the cities lift stations. The pump is manufactured and sold by Xylem Water Solutions USA.
  • Kells received a quote from the Oswego Yacht Club for the replacement of four vinyl, awning windows, including repairs to the flashing. The city chamberlain will authorize a transfer of funds from the general fund contingent account (A 1990.0440) in the amount of $2,980 to the municipal buildings contracted services account (A 1620.0440). The Oswego Yacht Club will provide labor for the repairs and window replacement. 
  • Kells requested a funds authorization for the rehabilitation of the lift stations on Maple Street, East Avenue and State Route 104 East. The city chamberlain is to complete a transfer of funds from the sanitary sewer’s equipment account (G.8120.0200) to the sanitary sewers contracted services account (G.8120.0440) in the amount of $22,950 for the rehabilitation.

Regularly scheduled Common Council meetings are the second and fourth Monday of the month at 7:15 p.m., located on the second floor of City Hall.