Oswego Council Bans Bridge Street Run, Seeks Restitution From College For City’s Costs

OSWEGO, NY – The Common Council took a stand against the Bridge Street Run.

Councilors voted to waive the rules of the council and add two resolutions at the end of Monday night’s meeting without having them discussed at committee first.

Councilors voted unanimously to ban the Bridge Street Run as well as bill SUNY Oswego to cover the city’s cost related to the event.

The Bridge Street Run, which isn’t endorsed by the college, is an annual pub crawl celebrated at the end of the spring semester.

This year, the same night as the Bridge Street Run, a man was airlifted to a Syracuse hospital after being struck by a trolley bus. A young woman also injured in the incident was treated at Oswego Hospital. And, there were three heroin overdoses. One of the students died on campus. The others are recovering.

Authorities haven’t linked any of the incidents directly to the Bridge Street Run.

The city chamberlin was authorized to bill SUNY Oswego for overtime expenses incurred by the city’s DPW, police and fire departments related to the Bridge Street Run.

The resolutions state that copies of each will be sent to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the SUNY Oswego Chancellor and members of the New York Assembly.


  1. Shouldn’t the city of oswego work with SUNY to try and resolve this problem?? Why shoot first and ask questions later? This actions seems to afd to, rather than resolve the problem. After all…tjis is not a SUNY event and as many residents attend this unofficial event.

  2. you can’t ban this. people walking down the side walk going to bars is not illegal. wearing a white t-shirt in town is not illegal.
    this is a knee-jerk reaction.
    this is a totally un-enforceable law that discriminates against college kids.

  3. Say what you will about the type of activity this is but the common council has no authority to dictate the activity of private citizens in such a manner. I don’t condone the behavior but I will defend their right to congregate in public places as they see fit. i hope the students stand up for their rights. I could quote the Beastie Boys but I’m just too old for that.

  4. I’m not too old to quote the Beastie Boys….

    You Gotta Fight- for your Right- to PAAAAAAARRRRRRTTTYYYYYY!

  5. I was wondering. How can the city send a bill covering the cost of this Bridge Street Run to the college. If I remember right this event is the end of school year yes. But the college does not nor never have Sponsored this party. So how can the city hold the college Responsible for anything that takes place in the city of Oswego. Last time I knew this was the USA and people have a right to party without the city telling them they can’t drink. Get real council.

  6. Guilt by association should not allow the college to be billed for the city’s costs associated with last week’s unfortunate events.

  7. For the life of me I can’t see how the city council think the college is responsible for paying for a accident The BSR has been going on for 30 years.And have had fights and accidents before…So at this year harberfest the same thing happens the city has the right to bill them..COMON..MAN

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