Oswego Council Moving Toward Paperless Meetings

OSWEGO, NY – Councilors took a step toward having paperless meetings Tuesday night.

Councilor Robert Corradino requested authorization for Mayor Billy Barlow to enter into an agreement with NovusAgenda for the purchase of its paperless agenda software.

The Administrative Services Committee gave a favorable recommendation.

“We discussed this at the Jan. 17 meeting,” Corradino said of the proposal, adding that the councilors had had time to consider the plan asked if they had any questions.

The city is looking to purchase 10 tablets. Corradino said each of the councilors would have one as well as the mayor and city attorney. The other would be a spare if needed.

The committee recommended that the city chamberlain be authorized to execute transfers for funding of the NovusAgenda program and 10 tablet devices for use with the program.

The chamberlain will need to make two budget transfers.

One $1,419.90 will be for the purchase of the tablet devices and the other for $5,700 for the purchase of the program.

NovusAgenda offers a 90-day pilot program to test the software prior to purchase, Corradino pointed out.

Besides council and committee meetings, this could be expanded to cover other meetings such as zoning and planning he said.

There is also an option for video available.

The city will begin with “the bare bones version” and see how things work out first, Corradino said.

The program will make handling FOIL (Freedom Of Information Law) easier and “will also give more transparency to city government,” he added.

The full council will consider the plan next Monday.

In other action:

The committee gave a favorable recommendation to a proposal submitted by HSE Consulting Services to provide design phase, bid phase and project monitoring services for the controlled demolition of the dwelling located at 268 W. Fifth St.

The fixed portion of the proposal for the design phase and bid phase services is $2,920.

The project monitoring services will be charged on a unit price basis for labor and air sample analysis.

The total estimated cost for all services is $5,000 – $6,000.

Funding (not to exceed $6,000) will require a transfer from A-1990.0460 to A-3620.0440.

The city acquired the property last month at auction for $13,001 with the intent to raze the dangerous building.

Some area residents are interested in purchasing pieces of the property following the demolition, the mayor noted Tuesday night.

Councilor John Gosek reiterated his gratitude for the city working with the neighbors to remove the eyesore.

The full council will vote on the resolution next Monday.