Oswego Council OK’s Sales Tax Rate Continuation

OSWEGO, NY – At its meeting Monday night, the Common Council unanimously endorsed the continuation of the additional one percent sales and compensating use tax, which is due to expire on Nov. 30.

Monique Cullen, an OHS senior, left, helps perform the duties of the city clerk, Barbara Sugar, at Monday's meeting.
Monique Cullen, an OHS senior, left, helps perform the duties of the city clerk, Barbara Sugar, at Monday's meeting.

The mayor was authorized to request that the city’s state legislators prepare and introduce the necessary legislation to enable the city to continue the additional one percent sales and compensating use tax, for the period beginning Dec. 1 through Nov. 30, 2013.

“This is not a new tax,” the mayor pointed out. “It’s just a continuation of the additional one percent.”

Monique Cullen, an OHS senior, helped city clerk Barbara Sugar perform her duties at Monday’s Common Council meeting.

It was part of the Oswego Elks’ Youth Government Day.

“All of the kids were invited to attend,” she said.

Besides taking part in the Government Day activities, Cullen is also a member of the Youth Court program.

The councilors quickly took care of the other 15 agenda items.

They approved a request by Carl Preske for use of public space.

The proprietor of Mom & Pop’s restaurant, 23 E. Utica St., wants to install a new 6’ X 21’ open porch with steps in public space between the sidewalk and the building fronting on the property.

When they applied and were approved to use public space for their A-frame sign they never signed the hold harmless agreement, Councilor Shawn Walker pointed out. They were sent three reminders, the mayor added.

The council approved the latest request contingent upon the owners signing the hold harmless agreement for both requests.

Councilors also granted a variance to the noise ordinance to Nick Sereno, one of the owners of Lighthouse Lanes, 295 E. Albany St.

The east side business will have outside musical entertainment June 24, July 15, Aug. 5, 12 and 19. The times would be about 4 p.m. to midnight.

Sereno is also applying to the NYS Liquor Authority for a temporary outside beer and wine permits for each event.

He said he is hiring Chestnut Security to secure and monitor the event to assure compliance.

The amusement license for the Oswego Speedway’s 2011 racing events was also approved.

The city clerk was authorized to issue a license to Discount Dumpster Rental, 11 Northfield Drive, North Syracuse, for the operation of a solid waste collector’s license for the year 2011.

Rita Tickle, personnel director, was granted permission to attend the NYS Association of Personnel and Civil Service Officers’ annual conference at Lake Placid on June 12 – 15.

The council amended a previous resolution that names exemptions to the $150 fee for the city to block off streets for special events.

Added to the list were all Oswego City School District events.

Councilors approved bond resolutions for Consent Decree projects C7-6344-17-00 Westside Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion and Upgrade in the amount of $8,150,000 and C7-6344-19-02 Westside Sewer Separation in the amount of $8,554,560.

The city clerk was authorized to advertise and schedule a public hearing regarding proposed local law No. 2 of 2011 – an amendment to the City Charter to change the word “Aldermen” to read “Councilor.”

The public hearing is set for May 23. It will be held at 7:10 p.m. in the Council Chambers.

The mayor was authorized to sign any and all contracts to start the McCrobie Civic Center Project.

The project has been broken into five scopes.

Scope A: Roof bid at $134,047 by Continental Construction is the low bid. Scope B: Exterior repairs and painting for $99,800 and Scope D: Assembly room repairs and floor refinishing for $16,000 by Gray Ledge Construction are the recommended scopes for this project, according to May Vanouse, community development director.

If additional funding is available, Scope C: Sitework and site drainage and Scope E: Entryway area and miscellaneous electrical work at $56,100 would be brought back to council for authorization.

The city has $282,500 in grant funding available to do these projects.

Work should start pretty soon, according to DPW Commissioner Mike Smith.

He didn’t say how long the work might last.

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  1. I would like to know why we have to change the names of our aldermen to councilor. Oswego city changes things so much that people get all mixed up. Can’t we leave most of our city names & etc. the way they where. The more you change i feel the worse this city gets. It’s mixed up enough as it is now. Nobody knows what each other is doing as far as city hall, D.P.W., alderman, etc. goes. I talked to the Mayor about this. I don’t see any communication with each other at all. Everybody just go with the flow.
    There is one more thing i would like to suggest why do we need to have so many different committees. Why can’t all the alderman get together and make 1 or 2 nights to get together and come up with issues and make changes or etc. all to gether all 7 of them. Seems to me it would be better maybe i am wrong but would’t it make sense then everybody knows what their doing together. You all would come up with better ideas for this city all together. A suggestion!!!

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