Oswego Council OKs Blight Reduction Loan Program

OSWEGO – If your property is in need of some repairs, now might be a good to get it done. You could be paying more if the city does the work.

At its meeting Monday night, the Common Council unanimously approved proposed Local Law No. 4 of the Year 2019.

The local law amends Chapter 85, Buildings, Vacant, of the Code of the city of Oswego.

It creates what the mayor calls a Blight Reduction Loan Program.

The program allows the city to repair property cited for exterior code violations and bring the property back into compliance with city rules and law, Mayor Billy Barlow explained.

Private contractors will be hired to perform the needed repair work.

The cost of the work (along with interest and a surcharge) will be added to the property owner’s tax bill.

In this way, the city will establish a revolving loan repair fund to administer and continue the program with no additional cost to the taxpayers, according to the mayor.

The city will use $44,000 from a New York State grant (with a matching $44,000 from the city) to start the program, the mayor told councilors.

The local law will take effect immediately upon filing with the Secretary of State.

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  1. The City had a Housing Rehabilitation grant & loan program through the now defunct Community Development Office for low/moderate income homeowners until this Mayor was elected. The program was abolished with the help of the current”Economic Develpoment Director”. Forty years of work by many good people down the drain. This Mayor and council seem to forget that. It may have been better to augment those programs with these new programs. Just my opinion.

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