Oswego Council OKs Code Changes

OSWEGO, NY – At their meeting Tuesday evening, Oswego Common Councilors sailed through a relatively light agenda.

The council approved several amendments to the Code of the City of Oswego:

Chapter 280, Zoning, Section 280-71(B), Storage of Motor Vehicles and Recreational Vehicles and Section 280-72, Utility and Storage Buildings. (280-71- to add use of a parked trailer, camper or recreational vehicle for temporary living quarters shall be limited to no more than 30 days per calendar year). (280-72 – to include temporary storage pod or permanent storage building).

Chapter 280, Zoning, Section 280-24(E), Special Permit Uses. (To add Assisted Living Homes).

Chapter 280, Zoning, Section 280-80.1, Outdoor Use and Storage of Upholstered Furniture. (to change to outdoor use of or storage of any upholstered furniture, including mattresses, manufactured primarily for indoor use shall be prohibited from being visible on the property from any public space, sidewalk, street, or highway. Outdoor use of or storage of such furniture as aforesaid, shall also be prohibited on any unenclosed porch which is located on public space in the city).

Chapter 280, Zoning, Section 280-54(E), location, size and access of Off-Street Parking Areas. (to change it to 18 feet long).

The council authorized a public hearing regarding proposed amendments to the Code of the City of Oswego, Chapter 249, Vacant and Occupied Property Maintenance Ordinance, Section 249-5, Preparation of Solid Waste For Collection, Section 249-6, Approved Collection Containers and Section 249-10, Notification of Violation and Remedies.

The public hearing will be held at 7:10 p.m. Oct. 28 in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 13 W. Oneida St.

And, they authorized a public hearing regarding Local Law No. 3 of the Year 2013 – A local law authorizing a property tax levy in excess of the limit established in General Municipal Law §3-c.

It is the same as last year. It doesn’t mean they will come in with a property tax levy for 2014 that is higher than the cap. However, if for some reason they do, this will safeguard the city from being penalized by the state.

This public hearing will be held at 7:05 p.m. Oct. 28 in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 13 W. Oneida St.

Councilors rescinded Resolution No. 395, dated September 23, 2013, which would have given certain owners of property located on Liberty Street permission to use Whitney Street until it was formally closed in 2014.

Instead, the council approved use of public space for those property owners in order to access a portion of Whitney Street.

Councilors also approved use of public space for Thomas Ciappa, owner of property at 30 Hillside Ave., in order to erect an A-frame sign.

The city accepted a pair of donations:

  • the donation of a park bench from Betty Clary to be placed in Breitbeck Park in memory of Ron Clary.
  • the donation of a tree from the Bosco family to be planted in Franklin Square Park in memory of Joseph and Barbara Bosco.

The mayor was authorized to execute a revised agreement with the Oswego City-County Youth Bureau for the 2013 operation of the youth centers.

Brian Chetney, interim Youth Bureau director, requested authorization for the mayor to sign the revised annual agreement between the Oswego City-County Youth Bureau (County of Oswego) and the city of Oswego for state aid (2013 Recreation/Youth Service/Administration YMCA Youth Center Program).

In April, the NYS Legislature added funds to the Youth Bureau budget.

This pact would include the additional funding and reimburses the city for NYS Office of Children and Family Services aid totaling $14,756.

Oswego County reimburses the city directly and then the county submits a claim to the state.

The mayor was authorized to:

  • enter into a four-year lease agreement with St. Joseph’s Church for property known as St. Joseph’s parking lot.
  • sign change order No. 1 with W.D. Malone Trucking and Excavating for project modifications to the Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project in the amount of $18,185.10.
  • sign the amended contract with O’Brien and Gere for additional services to complete the final report on the Flexo Wire site for a total increase of contract cost $9,874. The contract includes a 90 percent reimbursement to the city of on-site testing and 100 percent of off-site testing. Under the pact, the additional cost to the city is $495.

The commissioner of public works was authorized to participate in the clean vessel assistance operation and maintenance grant program.

The purchasing agent was authorized to seek fixed electric supply rates for a two-tear term. And he was authorized to lock in fixed electric supply rates provided that the street lighting rate is less than the current rate of $0.0569/kwh and the electric supply rate for the miscellaneous facility accounts is less than $0.0608 kwh.

And he was authorized to seek bids for a used Osh-Kosh snowblower for use by the department of public works.

The council approved the adoption of the New York State Unified Solar Permit application.

Tony Leotta, city engineer, requested authorization to adopt the New York State Unified Solar Permit Application in order to be eligible for between $2,500 and $5,000 depending on population through the New York State Cleaner, Greener Communities program to implement the new procedures.

“Right now, we issue permits for solar panels,” he explained. “But if we adopted the more comprehensive application, we’d join with other communities. And, we could get some money.”

The New York State Unified Solar Permit is now available. The Solar Smart program surveyed municipal officials around the state to understand their photovoltaic permitting costs, procedures and issues, Leotta said.

Municipalities that adopt the permit and procedures are eligible for the funding, he added.

A new fee schedule ($1,000) for specialty care ambulance transports was OK’d.

A transfer of funds from within the department of public works and a transfer of funds from within the fire department were approved.

DPW: $2,500 from Snow Removal Materials and Supplies Account A5142.0410, into Shade Trees and parks Contracted Services Account A8560.0440, $18,000 from Transmission and Distribution Equipment Account F8340.0200, into Transmission and Distribution Materials and Supplies Account F8340.0410, $4,000 from Snow Removal Materials and Supplies Account A5142.0410, into Street Cleaning Equipment Account A8170.0200

OFD: $10,000 from Acct. #A.3410.0211 (Ambulance Equipment) to Acct. #A.3410.0440 (Contracted Services).

The transfer is to cover the costs of contracted services and maintenance to equipment other than vehicles for the city of Oswego Fire Department.

The council OK’d two requests to travel:

  • attendance at the Fire Marshals and Inspectors Program to be held October 22-25, in Montour Falls Re: request of Jeffrey McCrobie, fire chief.
  • attendance at the New York State Child Abuse Seminar to be held November 12-15 in Albany. Re: request of Tory L. DeCaire, police chief.

The council approved abolishing one recently vacated firefighter position in the Oswego Fire Department.

The Oswego Renaissance Association, through a grant provided by Novelis, made a donation of trees to the city.

There are still funds available through the grant that Novelis would like to donate to Oswego for the repair and restoration of park benches in Montcalm Park.

Councilors voted to accept a monetary donation, not to exceed $5,000, for the repair and restoration of the benches.

The New York Canal Corporation awarded a $88,200 grant to the city for the creation of the Oswego Canal Greenway Visitors Center.

The purchasing agent has received bids on the roof construction project for the proposed center. The low bidder was PAC and Associates ($60,000) for completion of the project before the end of the grant contract.

At Tuesday’s meeting, councilors authorized the purchasing agent to accept the bid for construction contract to replace the roof in the former overflow retention facility pumphouse building located on the East River Walk.