Oswego Council OKs Mayor’s Capital Expenditure Plan

OSWEGO, NY – At its meeting this week, the Common Council approved the mayor’s five-year capital expenditure plan for 2013-17.

The plan outlines many of the important projects the city hopes to accomplish in the coming years, the rationale for each and at what cost. It also includes some vehicle requests and other potential projects.

“This is just a list of ideas,” city chamberlain Deb Coad pointed out. “This isn’t set in stone.”

“These are large strategic works that we are looking to do, as our finances allow down the road. We want to plan for them, if we can budget for them,” Mayor Tom Gillen explained. “We just want to keep everything on the radar screen so we don’t lose track of it.”

The mayor said he hopes to get as much done as the city’s finances will support over the next few years.

Some of the items on the plan are those mandated by the EPA.

“Anything that’s a critical problem, we identify it and try to handle those as soon as possible; things like those regarding the consent decree,” Gillen said.

Councilors OK’d three requests for use of public space:

  • Dorothy Reitz, owner of property at 37 W. Albany St., in order to install a ramp
  • Paul Sanger, proprietor of Mark’s Pizzeria, at 257 W. Seneca St., in order to erect an A-frame sign
  • The Leighton Home and School Association, in order to place two temporary A-frame signs

The mayor was authorized

  • to execute a five-year agreement with the town of Scriba for maintenance of City Line Road.
  • to execute an agreement with the New York State Unified Court System for cleaning and repairs of Oswego City Court
  • to execute all documents necessary to apply for and administer Neighborhood Revitalization and Housing Rehabilitation Grant programs
  • to execute all documents necessary to apply for Urban Forestry and Tree Planting grants
  • to sign change order No. 6 with C.O. Falter Construction Corp. for project modifications to the Excess Flow Management Facility Disinfection Project (The contract would decrease from $2,310,902.58 to $2,274,902.58.)

The city chamberlain was authorized to execute the necessary accounting procedures to prepare all funds for the Year 2013 closure

Councilors also approved three transfers of funds:

  • from the Contingent Account to Animal Control
  • from the Sewer Enterprise Fund into the Sanitary Sewer Equipment account for the emergency purchase of a pump and controller for Smith’s Beach Road.
  • from Personnel Contingent Account to the Fire Department.