Oswego Council Sails Through Agenda

OSWEGO, NY – Even with a few add-ons, the Common Council made quick work of its regular meeting this week.

Councilors approved use of city properties by Oswego Harbor Festivals for Harborfest to be held July 23-26, 2015. They also authorized the mayor to execute a three-year lease agreement with Oswego Harbor Festivals for use of the McCrobie Building. The term begins January 1, 2015 and ends December 31, 2017. The monthly payment is $570 ($6,840 annually).

The council also OK’d the use of public space for:

– William Scheinert, owner of property at 29-31 E. Eleventh St., in order to install a two-car parking area.

– Use of Wright’s Landing Marina on March 28, 2015, for the “Oswego Polar Plunge” hosted by the New York Special Olympics.

Five transfers of funds were approved:

– From within the legislative board: $2,000 from Account A1010.0450, (Fee for Services for NON-EMP) into A1010.0440 (Contracted Services) and $1,400 from Account A1010.0460, (Miscellaneous) to A1010.0440 (Contracted Services) in order to make payment to Citysourced, Inc., for the contract for 2015.

– From within the Department of Public Works: $9,000 from Garage Contracted Services Account A.5132.440 into Snow Removal Materials and Supplies Account A.5142.410.

– From within the High Dam Hydroelectric Facility Account: $8,800 from Account #A.6989.0440 (Contracted Services) into Account #A.6989.0410 Materials and Supplies, to cover the cost of main shaft seals at the High Dam Hydroelectric Facility.

– From the Contingent Account to the Police Department: $500 for administrative support for Code Enforcement.

– From Unallocated Insurance to the Self Insurance Fund: $185,300 balance from Unallocated Insurance to the Self Insurance Fund (due to the change in the insurance process).

The council then waived the rules of the Common Council to present several resolutions from the floor without committee consideration.

They rescinded resolution No. 489 of November 10, 2014. And then authorized the mayor to sign amendment No. 5 to the Professional Engineering Agreement with GHD Consulting Engineers, LLC, for modifications to the Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project.

Councilors granted Jeff McCrobie, fire chief, permission to send seven personnel to the Oswego County Fire Chiefs’ Association’s Weekend Training and one to the Fire Officer I and II Class.

The 44-year-old Cummins Standby Generator at the Eastside Wastewater Treatment Plant has failed and is no longer economically repairable.

The council authorized the plant superintendent to rent a temporary standby generator for $4,200 a month with a startup fee for connection and delivery of $1,300. The costs shall be charged to the Contracted Services Account.

The purchasing agent was authorized to seek a proposal to prepare plans and specifications for a new standby generator. The proposal will then be submitted to the council for consideration.

And, the fire chief was approved to transfer $11,000 from the training account into the new equipment account.

The funds are needed for the purchase of a new hose repair machine and projector.