Oswego Council Squashes Signage Proposal

OSWEGO, NY – At its meeting Monday night, the Common Council unanimously defeated a proposed amendment to the Code of the City of Oswego, Chapter 80, Zoning, 280-65 Illuminated and Flashing Signs.

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There were no speakers at Monday's public hearing.

A public hearing regarding the proposal was held prior to the regular council meeting. Nobody spoke.

However, when it came time to vote, several of the councilors noted that they couldn’t support the measure in its current form.

Changes would’ve included replacing “flashing” with “Digital and Electronic” in the title for that section of the city charter; adding revolving signs to the list of those prohibited (“unless necessary for public safety or traffic control”) and adding digital and/or electronic operated signs shall be allowed only as a steady state light display.

Councilor Connie Cosemento noted that she has had some calls regarding the proposal, all against.

The Oswego Common Council voted 0-7 against proposed changes to the sign ordinance.
The Oswego Common Council voted 0-7 against proposed changes to the sign ordinance.

She, and Councilor Cathy Santos, pointed out there was nothing in the resolution to allow such signs outside Oswego’s historical district.

“I’d like to see us take this back to the table,” Cosemento said.

“I can’t support this as it is written,” Santos said.

In other action Monday night, the council OK’d four requests for use of public space.

Brian Girad, operator of the Blue Plate Seafood restaurant, 42 W. Second St., wants to construct a new 27.5’ by 10’ open deck and stair as well as a new 25’ by 7’ handicap ramp between the sidewalks and property line contiguous to the building at the northwest corner of West Seneca and Schuyler streets.

Maria Teresa Caldado Vega, owner of a single-family dwelling, 12 E. Mohawk St., wants to put a one-car parking space between the sidewalk and property line.

Jacob and Kristy Dodd, owners of a single-family dwelling at 117 E. Third St., would like to put a one-car parking space between the sidewalk and curb.

Mike Smith, DPW commissioner, requested use of public space on behalf of the Greater Oswego-Fulton Chamber of Commerce.

They would like to use the east end of Breitbeck Park from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Aug. 28 for their annual Taste of Oswego County event.

They also requested use of the city bandstand for the event.

And, councilors also approved use of a portion of the Oswego River Walk East for placement of a temporary restroom during Harborfest 2011.

A group of recreational boaters made the request. They will place the porta-potty about 50 to 60 feet east of the River Walk East, adjacent to the wooded area, just north of the small parking lot off East First Street, which is north of the Letto Island access.

They will be solely responsible for the porta-potty.