Oswego Council Tables Leachate – Sludge Deal

OSWEGO, NY – At its meeting Monday night, the Common Council put the brakes on a tentative intermunicipal agreement with the county regarding the disposal of leachate and sludge.

The resolution was pulled “because there are still some outstanding questions (the councilors want answered),” Mayor Randy Bateman said after the roughly 15-minute meeting.

The deal will probably still be approved (by each side), the mayor said, adding “we just need clarification on a couple of things.”

He declined to cite specifics until the county legislators have been informed first.

The issue might be discussed prior to Wednesday’s Oswego County Legislature meeting, the mayor said. It will likely be back on the council floor at its Nov. 22 meeting, he added.

In other action, the councilors approved two requests for use of public space:

Sean Gardella, owner and occupant of a single-family dwelling at 44 W. Fifth St. wants to install two parking spaces, fronting on West Fifth Street.

David Potter, representing Colonial Finance Group, owner of commercial property (TimeBuyer) at 126 E. Bridge St., wants to install two A-frame signs fronting on East Bridge Street as well as on East Seventh Street.

The mayor was authorized to enter into an agreement with Scotty’s Towing and Road Service for miscellaneous towing services.

Councilors also approved Fire Chief Jeff McCrobie’s request for authorization to transfer funds from various accounts

$5,000 from A3410.0440 (Contracted Services) into A3410.0411 (Ambulance Supplies)

$5,000 from A3410.0460 (Training) into A3410.0411 (Ambulance Supplies)

$2,000 from A3410.0450 (Physicals) into A3410.0470 (Vehicle Maintenance)

$2,000 from A2310.0440 (Contracted Services) into A3410.0470 (Vehicle Maintenance)

$2,000 from A3410.0200 (New Equipment) into A3410.0470 (Vehicle Maintenance)

$1,000 from A3410.0480 (Clothing Allowance) into A3410.0470 (Vehicle Maintenance)

The transfers are necessary to cover the cost of expenses caused by replacing expired medications and equipment on all ambulances and ot pay for unexpected vehicle maintenance, the chief explained.

Tony Leotta, city engineer (Zoning Administrator), was also granted permission to make several transfers.

$695 from A1990.0460 (Contingency) into A8010.0460 (Advertising) – to cover the cost of legal advertising for the ZBA.

$1,500 from A6989.440 (Contracted Services) High Dam into A6989.410 (Materials and Supplies) High Dam and $3,000 from A6989.200 (Equipment) High Dam into A6989.410 (Materials and Supplies) High Dam – to cover the cost of required parts for the High Dam Hydroelectric Facility.