Oswego Councilors Continue To Fine Tune Tentative Winter Parking Policy

A sign from a previous winter season's alternate parking ban

A sign from a previous winter season's alternate parking ban

OSWEGO, NY – The Administrative Services Committee continued to fine tune the city’s tentative winter parking policy.

The work in progress has been the topic of lengthy discussion twice before at the committee level.

Each time councilors took no action on the matter, opting instead to continue working on the plan.

On Tuesday night, Third Ward Councilor Nate Emmons presented an updated version of the proposal.

Once again, after a lengthy discussion, the committee took no action.

The current plan would still be in effect from November 15 through March 31. The mayor, at his or her discretion, can extend it based on weather conditions.

It calls for no parking on city streets from 12 a.m. to 6 a.m.; except for the downtown area of West First and West Second from West Oneida to West Cayuga, Water Street area and Bridge Street from West First to West Fourth – ban is in effect 2 – 6 a.m.

Permits (exceptions) would be granted based on demonstrated need for parking on the street. The permit fee would be $25 for each of the winter months. The permits would be exclusive for the purchaser’s property.

Permit holders will have a designated parking spot along the city block, on the street, in which their property is located. The spots will be determined by the alderman of the ward, DPW and OPD.

The locations will be designated by signs to be installed by the DPW.

Permit holders are responsible for clearing the snow in and around their vehicles when parked in their space.

Alternate street parking isn’t included in this version of the policy.

However, some residents still have concerns about the city’s proposal.

One resident claimed the council had lost sight of what the policy was meant to accomplish and instead were punishing such as landlords.

“This new plan is too restrictive. It doesn’t do anything to help the cause,” he said.

“We’re not punishing anyone,” Emmons said. “Our goal is the safety of all citizens.”

If the DPW can’t clean the streets, it impacts multiple other city services, like ambulances, he pointed out.

Councilor Pat McLaughlin said the intent of the policy is to help the residents of Oswego. There’s no intent to punish anyone, he added.

“The first and foremost thing is safety,” DPW Commissioner Tom Kells said. “It takes us three time longer, if there are cars all over the streets to plow the streets, approximately. Getting the cars off the street is the only way to be efficient and make it safe. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.”

Another resident said that it was unfair to have people pay for a parking space and then expect them to shovel the snow themselves.

“This is a work in progress,” chairman Robert Corradino said.

Councilor Emmons agreed. “This hasn’t been brought up in resolution,” he said. “It’s not written in stone.”

The council is trying to come up with the best policy that will help residents, he added.

“This is just the beginning,” McLaughlin said. “We’re open to exceptions. We need to get something going, we need to see if this works.”

The council will have more discussion before it comes up with a final plan to present to the full council, Corradino said.

“We need to put something together and more forward,” he said. “There needs to be a policy; we can’t keep changing the rules every year.”


  1. We have had a policy that has worked for years and years. NO PARKING ON CITY STREETS FROM 1-6 am. Why change it for 5% of the city and make the other 95% suffer? Again the mouse that roared. If you have no parking you should have know that when you either purchased or rented your property. Sorry.

  2. 10 yrs ago you could go to your alderman and request a permit to park on GREEN SPACE,then you would be granted parking in that space.You would receive a permit by mail,With the stipulation that the green space be put back to it’s original condition come spring.So whats so hard about that now.

  3. Joe and Sally and Mr Kells all have it said all that really needs to be said on the subject. Any one that was not smart enough to purchase or rent with out off street parking, stop complaining and use that time to find another place to live. Counselors are wasting to much time on this. There is no way, no matter how hard they try to make everyone happy. Time to move on. Lets lower the water/sewer bills.

  4. What happen to the library problem, they took that off after i said for the people in charge to do their job and go get the books back and give a fine for not returning the books, no more money to the library, until they do their job, we are all tap out.

  5. Nothing happened to it. It’s still in “Community” news, about the seventh item down the list currently

  6. I agree that the system that has been in place for years should stay in place. We have all come home after working all day to find the streets a mess from the plows having to work around parked cars. What is it going to be like when there are cars on some streets day and night and that car is on the edge of your driveway? The landlord’s created this mess we should not have to solve it.

  7. The permit system sounds promising but paying $25 per month plus removing your own snow sounds steep. What about households that don’t expect to need an extra space, but have an unplanned guest: is there anywhere at all in the city that we are allowed to leave a car overnight? Some “overflow” lot is needed, and should be free. I was astounded to find out a few years ago that no place, not even a DPW lot, was available, when I lived in a rental that just allowed one offstreet space. My would-be guest stayed elsewhere. It seems bad for the city to be so unwelcoming.

  8. A firm and resounding NO!!!! to the permit (exemption) idea. Such a system will only create more problems for DPW crews to clear city streets. Picture this…..Eight inches of snow fall in the overnight hours DPW crews are out in force clearing streets, but now the streets are only partially cleared and not to the curb because all the permit holders left their cars on the street – definitely a public safety issue, but allowable under this proposed plan. How much time does the permit holder have to clear their parking spot after each snowfall or do they just leave it there buried all winter season?Where are they throwing all that snow – back into the street that’s been cleared? What happens to the permit holder if they don’t clear their designated parking spot or they don’t pay their $25 per month bill? Do they get fined? Why waste DPW and OPD staff time to go out and designate exempts spots. The whole permit plan is unnecessary and unenforceable. Stick with the No Parking On City Streets from 1am-6am plan. I agree with Joe.

  9. You people who rake your leaves in to the street should be fine, first it looks like hell and it is dangerous for people trying to stop at the intersections stop being lazy and put your leaves in to bags so that the lazy D,P,W, can pick them up

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