Oswego Councilors Ponder Parking At Wright’s Landing

OSWEGO, NY – City officials are in the preliminary stages working out a plan to ease the parking problems in the first and third wards before the snow flies.

At a recent meeting, First Ward Councilor Fran Enwright requested a discussion regarding open parking for the winter at Wright’s Landing.

“In lieu of parking up on their grass and turning it into a mess, as been common year after year, my suggestion is that they could park one of their vehicles down at Wright’s Landing,” he said. “The city is going to keep the area going out toward the Yacht Club (plowed) open. And it wouldn’t be going out of their way to pass right by that area and keep it plowed.”

“Are we going to be charging?” asked Councilor Shawn Walker. “It we’re going to be plowing, I think we should be charging.”

The city is not responsible for plowing the parking spots downtown, DPW Commissioner Mike Smith pointed out.

“What we do currently at Wright’s Landing is provide access for emergency vehicles. As far as plowing that parking lot, clearing the parking lot, we don’t do that,” he explained.

Enwright said all he was looking for was a path in and out of the area so people could get to and from their vehicles. It wouldn’t be any different than a plow going by a car parked on the street or in a driveway, he said.

“I’m looking to offer some relief in lieu of alternate street parking, something like that where you have cars in the road where they create more of a problem with the DPW than it would if they were in a designated spot,” the First Ward Councilor pointed out.

Council President Ron Kaplewicz said it would be “a great option for the residents” of the neighborhoods nearby.

As long as the plan is consistent with other city polices, they should sit down and work out the logistics of the proposal. They would look carefully at what it might cost the city to provide the option before deciding what to charge the residents, he added.

“We should see what kind of interest there is in the neighborhoods. I don’t know what November will be like, but we have a little time to try and iron this thing out,” he said. “Let’s try and work this out.”

Third Ward Councilor Mike Todd said this could be considered a hardship on some residents.

He didn’t think it was right for the city to tell them to park some place else and then charge them.

“It’s an inconvenience for them,” he said. “I don’t think we should charge them.”

Maybe some “understanding or forgiveness” could be afforded qualified first and third warders, Kaplewicz acquiesced.

“Again, that is something we’re going to have to work out,” he said.

The councilors agreed to set up a meeting with the DPW commissioner and other city officials to see if the plan is feasible.

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  1. Give me a break. Inconveience, I would like my drive plowed out before I go to work and when I get home.
    If you want them to park there make them pay.
    Print a parking permit for them for the specified are. If they choose to park there make them pay for the sticker or ticket.
    If no ticket in window or sticker, tow at owners expence.

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