Oswego County Clerk Begins Online Protest Of New License Plates & Fees

Oswego County Clerk George Williams.
Oswego County Clerk George Williams.

Oswego County Clerk George Williams knows people don’t like the idea of being forced to pay for a new license plate.  He’s hoping to get Albany to listen, too.

Williams opened an online petition website this week, called NoNewPlates.org.

He’s asking people to sign the petition opposing a measure approved by state lawmakers this year that will force every driver to get new license plates next April.  It’ll cost $25.

The license plate change and fee was part of a package of changes intended to help fill the state’s multi-billion dollar deficit.  It was not voted on by itself.

“Oswego County families have had it with Albany’s new taxes on fees, on everything including auto registrations and insurance, canceling our STAR rebate checks, and more expensive hunting licenses,” said Williams. “But the requirements for new license plates may top them all, adding an unnecessary expense on families who are already struggling to make ends meet.”

The state claims that the plates are getting old and their ability to reflect light is fading.  But some doubt that claim.

“There’s nothing wrong with those we use now,” said Williams. “The requirement is inconvenient, unnecessary, and just plain wrong.”

Williams, in addition to running the county clerk’s office, is the county Republican party chairman.

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  1. Funny thing is when Gov Pateki chose to issue plates for revenue GOOD OLD George was behind it 110% !! Hmm OH yeah forgot it was ok for the REpubicans to increase it but not for the Demcrats — how silly of me!

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