Oswego County Court Judge David Roman Rated “Highly Qualified”

Oswego County Court Judge David J. Roman recently received a “highly qualified” designation from the Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commissions. The Commission is a non-partisan group of retired attorneys, judges and community leaders formed for the sole purpose of ranking judicial candidates. After reviewing the applications, the commission gives candidates one of three rankings: not qualified, qualified, or highly qualified. Judge Roman is the only judge in the race for Oswego County Court Judge to receive a ranking.

On receiving the ranking Judge Roman said, “It means a great deal to be judged “highly qualified” by this non-partisan commission. They take their responsibility very seriously.”

Judge Roman has been an attorney for more than 34 years and has over 21 years of judicial experience. He served as Judge in Family Court and the Integrated Domestic Violence section of the Supreme Court. Judge Roman served as court-appointed Law Guardian for minor children in hundreds of cases.