Oswego County DA Offers Update On Search For Heidi

By Gregory S. Oakes, District Attorney
Yesterday morning (Aug. 1), I met with John O’Brien from the Post-Standard to obtain the location of the structure that he and the federal investigator recently searched. Although Mr. O’Brien previously reported that their search of the structure revealed no human remains, I wanted to have law enforcement conduct a thorough and professional investigation of the site for the sake of certainty.

The property Mr. O’Brien identified is also located on Rice Road in the Town of Mexico, approximately 1/4 West of the location that was searched earlier this week.

I conveyed the site’s location to (Oswego County) Sheriff Todd, and sheriff’s investigators immediately contacted property owners and obtained permission to search. Sheriff’s investigators went to the site yesterday afternoon, accompanied by two members of the New York State Police and their search / cadaver dogs.

To be clear, there were two separate canines on the property, who performed independent searches.

Neither dog alerted to indicate the presence of a cadaver.

Nevertheless, the Sheriff’s Department secured the scene overnight so that it could be examined today (Aug. 2).

At approximately 8 a.m. today, I accompanied several sheriff’s investigators and an investigator from the NYSP Forensic Investigation Unit to the site.

It appears that there was a cabin there at one point, although it obviously had not been used in many years. Very little of the actual structure remained.

After clearing debris from the ground, we marked off an area approximately 25 feet by 35 feet, and began excavating the site using equipment provided by the County Highway Department.

Over the course of about eight hours, we searched the entire site and did not see any evidence that human remains are or have ever been there.

Late in the day, a sheriff’s investigator found a small bone, approximately 10 inches in length.  The investigator immediately transported the bone to the Onondaga County Medical Examiner’s Office so that they could determine whether the bone was human.

The ME’s Office advised that the bone belonged to an animal.

There is no reason to believe this site was ever involved with the abduction of Heidi Allen.

Although we weren’t able to find Heidi Allen today, we’ll continue working until she’s brought home to her family.

While I appreciate that the community cares deeply about this case and wants to find Heidi, we ask that the public please not conduct independent searches.

If anyone has information regarding Heidi’s abduction or location, we ask that you please contact the Oswego County Sheriff’s Department at (315) 349-3411.

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  1. Dear Jesus as the law enforcements continue their search for Heidi Allen please be their eyes and their ears guide them in Jesus name A M E N

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