Oswego County DSS Sponsors Orientation for Future Foster and Adoptive Parents

FULTON – The Oswego County Department of Social Services will sponsor an informational meeting from 9 to 11 a.m. on July 11 at Liberty Resources, 1850 county Route 57, Fulton, for people who are interested in becoming foster or adoptive parents.

The Department of Social Services is looking for people who would like to become foster families, particularly for children ages 14 and over.

Families are especially needed for teenagers who have specific supervision needs.

All children available for adoption through Social Services have been in foster care for a period of time.

The children are typically age 14 and older and have special needs.

Attendance at the informational meeting is required in order to enroll in the “Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting – Group Process Selection” training.

Single and two-parent families may apply to foster or adopt. Both parents in a two-parent household must attend the 10-week training course.

For more information contact Priscilla Heilveil at 598-4642 extension 137, or Patricia Pennock at 963-5382 or e-mail [email protected]