Oswego County E-911 Radio Tower Project Continues

OSWEGO, NY – Oswego County E-911 Director Michael Allen recently reported to the Oswego County Legislature’s Public Safety and Emergency Services Committee that work on the county’s new radio tower project is on course.

“We are continuing to optimize radio equipment and finalize an emergency channel plan,” said Allen. “We are also working out the training component. Motorola will train our trainers who will go on to train others in the field.”

The first order of subscriber units, portables, mobile and control stations will be submitted in May and training will coincide with the roll-out of the new equipment. Testing is scheduled to be conducted in June, July and August and the new system is on track to be fully deployed and accepted in September.

Allen added, “To achieve acceptance, the new system is required to work in 97 percent of the county with portable radios. Compare that to the current system where mobile requirements were only 95 percent.”

Oswego County has funded the development of a 10-Channel Trunked Land Mobile Radio System (TLMR) to replace the current 800 MHz radio system.

A federal mandate required users to vacate current channels and leave the system due to cost-prohibitive sustainability. Additionally, with the old technology, radio coverage throughout the county was sparse in some places and public safety agencies could not rely on its use.

There are 47 user agencies in Oswego County who will employ the TLMR system.

“Emergency communications are part of public safety and essential to the protection and security of our residents,” said Legislator Linda Lockwood, District 11, committee chairwoman. “It is imperative that our communications system and equipment are in place and operable to respond to emergencies.”

“The new TLMR system will improve coverage throughout the county and bring communication quality in rural areas equal to that in cities,” said Allen. “It replaces an obsolete mobile radio system and will be used by emergency responders to answer calls in all areas of the county and across county lines.”

To improve radio coverage throughout the county, existing towers in the city of Oswego, and the towns of Boylston, Constantia, Granby, Hastings and Redfield have all been refurbished and new towers in the city of Fulton and the towns of Orwell, Oswego, Redfield and Sandy Creek have been constructed.

This new communications system will use a total of 14 transmitter sites, compared to 6 with the old system.

The radio sites and network design will have a very high reliability rating and provide continuous communications coverage, even in the event of equipment failure, natural or manmade incidents.

A series of servers, monitors, and related equipment that supports the TLMR network is monitored from the Oswego County E-911 Center and connected to the master site in Onondaga County.

Cayuga and Madison counties are also part of this system and talks have begun in Cortland and Jefferson counties to incorporate them as well.

The Oswego County Legislature’s Public Safety and Emergency Services Committee oversees the Oswego County E-911 Office. In addition to Legislator Lockwood, the committee includes vice chairman Robert Hayes Sr., District 10; Shawn Doyle, District 3; Daniel Farfaglia, District 24; Mary Flett, District 17; David Holst, District 4; and Daniel LeClair, District 8.

For more information about the new radio tower project, call the Oswego County E-911 Office at 315-349-8215 or 1-800-679-3911 or visit http://oswegocounty.com/911/