Oswego County Election Unofficial Results Released

Graphic says Unofficial Results Oswego County 2019

OSWEGO COUNTY – The ballots for the 2019 General Election have been counted throughout Oswego County, and the unofficial results have been released. Absentee ballots still have yet to be taken into consideration.

Fulton Mayor:

Deana Michaels won with 1,331 votes out of 2,458 ballots. Dan Farfaglia (D, WOR, I) earned 763 votes; Ethan Parkhurst (I, People’s Voice) earned 215 votes; and David Webber (I) earned 116 votes.

Fulton City Common Council:

1st Ward: Incumbent Tom Kenyon (C) ran uncontested. He earned 307 votes out of 466 ballots.

2nd Ward: Douglas Chapman (R) beat Incumbent David Ritchie (C) and Ernesto Garcia (D) with 91 votes out of 268 ballots.

3rd Ward: Incumbent Donald Patrick, Jr. (D, C) ran uncontested. He earned 531 votes out of 634 ballots.

4th Ward: John Kenyon (C) beat Incumbent Samuel Vono (R) with 210 out of 399 ballots.

5th Ward: Audrey Avery (R, C) beat Incumbent Dennis Merlino (D) with 224 votes out of 417 ballots.

6th Ward: Incumbent Lawrence Macner (D, R, C) ran uncontested. He earned 229 votes out of 274 ballots.

Oswego Mayor:

Billy Barlow (R, C, I) ran uncontested. He earned 2,516 votes out of 3,020 ballots.

Oswego City Common Council:

1st Ward: Incumbent Susan McBrearty (D, WOR, OTH) beat Andrew J. Hall (R) with 255 votes out of 369 ballots.

2nd Ward: Shawn Burridge (R, C, I) beat Maureen A. Wills (D, WOR, OTH) with 265 votes out of 429 ballots.

3rd Ward: Incumbent Kevin Hill (R, C, I) beat Jonathan Ashline (D, WOR) with 171 votes out of 278 ballots.

4th Ward: Shawn P. Walker (R,C, I) beat Diane Zeller (D, WOR) with 312 votes out of 538 ballots.

5th Ward: Incumbent John B. Gosek (R) ran uncontested. He earned 306 votes out of 418 ballots.

6th Ward: Incumbent Ronald Tesoriero (R, C, I) beat Matthew Fleming (D, WOR) with 219 votes out of 381 ballots.

7th Ward: Incumbent Robert Corradino (R, C, I) ran uncontested. He earned 502 votes out of 607 ballots.

Oswego County Legislature:

Legislative District 1: Michael G. Yerden (R) beat James Macklen (C) with 480 votes out of 778 ballots.

Legislative District 2: Herbert G. Yerdon (R) beat Carl E. Anson, Jr. (C, LT) with 539 votes out of 843 ballots.

Legislative District 3: Edward A. Gilson (R) ran uncontested. He earned 492 votes out of 643 ballots.

Legislative District 4: David M. Holst (R) ran uncontested. He earned 675 votes out of 899 ballots.

Legislative District 5: Roy Reehil (R) ran uncontested. He earned 461 votes out of 581 ballots.

Legislative District 6: John Martino (R) ran uncontested. He earned 382 votes out of 505 ballots.

Legislative District 7: Bradley Trudell (R) ran uncontested. He earned 910 votes out of 1,209 ballots.

Legislative District 8: Paul House (R, C, I) ran uncontested. He earned 493 votes out of 573 ballots.

Legislative District 9: James Weatherup (R, I) ran uncontested. He earned 392 votes out of 486 ballots.

Legislative District 10: Mary Ellen Chesbro (R, C) ran uncontested. She earned 495 votes out of 590 ballots.

Legislative District 11: Linda L. Lockwood (R) ran uncontested. She earned 491 votes out of 627 ballots.

Legislative District 12: Richard P. Kline (R, C) ran uncontested. He earned 495 votes out of 626 ballots.

Legislative District 13: Patrick Twiss (R) ran uncontested. He earned 686 votes out of 842 ballots.

Legislative District 14: Stephen Walpole (R, I) ran uncontested. He earned 605 votes out of 784 ballots.

Legislative District 15: Nathan Emmons (R, C, I) ran uncontested. He earned 481 votes out of 666 ballots.

Legislative District 16: Thomas Drumm (D, WOR) ran uncontested. He earned 421 votes out of 614 ballots.

Legislative District 17: Laurie Mangano Cornelius (R, C, I) beat Timothy F. Braun (D) with 582 votes out of 961 ballots.

Legislative District 18: Robert Wilmott (R, C, I) ran uncontested. He earned 538 votes out of 746 ballots.

Legislative District 19: Marie C. Schadt (D, C) ran uncontested. She earned 866 votes out of 1,206 ballots.

Legislative District 20: Tim Stahl (R, C) ran uncontested. He earned 399 votes out of 551 ballots.

Legislative District 21: Terry Bucky Wilber (R, C, I) ran uncontested. He earned 759 votes out of 938 ballots.

Legislative District 22: James L. Krasek (R, C, I) ran uncontested. He earned 789 votes out of 1,033 ballots.

Legislative District 23: Morris Sorbello, Jr. (R, C) ran uncontested. He earned 517 votes out of 632 ballots.

Legislative District 24: Marc Greco (R, I) ran uncontested. He earned 665 votes out of 960 ballots.

Legislative District 25: Ralph Edward Stacy, Jr. (R) ran uncontested. He earned 573 votes out of 895 ballots.

* These ballots do not include any absentee ballots, and so the results are subject to change.

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