Oswego County Fire Coordinator Urges People ‘Use Care around Grills, Campfires’

OSWEGO – Oswego County Fire Coordinator Donald Forbes is asking people to be extremely careful with cigarettes, charcoal grills, campfires and other flame sources, and to stop all outside burning of hay, grass and brush in Oswego County.

Forbes said the county has seen an increase in grass and brush fires this past week and that fire officials around the county report their water supplies for fighting fires are critically low.

“Everything is dry, and it only takes a discarded cigarette to start a fire,” said Forbes. “Even the mulch around your home can catch fire under these dry conditions. We need rain.”

Draft sites, sources of water when there are no fire hydrants, are almost all dried up.

Forbes said that although there is not yet a burn ban in effect, “we’re not far from one.”

“Oswego and surrounding counties are in a moderate drought with no relief in sight,” he said. “The National Weather Service predicts a continued heat wave with little or no rain. So please be smart, be safe, and do your part. Don’t burn grass, hay, or brush, and be extremely careful with any flame source.”