Oswego County Historical Society Receives Sponsorship For Fundraiser

OSWEGO — The Oswego County Historical Society will host the 25th annual “Not So Silent Auction” fundraiser on March 30 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at the American Foundry at 246 W. Seneca St.

Board trustees for the organization recently met with Sue Bertsch, representative for Constellation Energy Nuclear Group to accept a sponsorship for the event.

“The historical society is pleased to accept generous donations from sponsors such as CENG help with the cost of this event. This is our primary fund-raiser for the year, which supports the programs, events and the ongoing management and preservation of the the Richardson-Bates House Museum,” said Justin White, board president. “Many antiques, collectibles, gift baskets, certificates and other wonderful donations will be featured at the auction.”

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Oswego County Historical Society Receives Sponsorship For Fundraiser

Photos of some of the unique items are featured on the society website at www.rbhousemuseum.org for those interested in a sneak preview.

Pictured from left are White, Peg McKinstry, board trustee and event co-chair, Bertsch and Bernie Henderson, board trustee and event co-chair.

Tickets for the event are $20 and will be available the night of the event at the door or in advance by contacting the Richardson-Bates House Museum at 343-1342.

For more information, contact co-chair McKinstry at 343-9228.