Oswego County Issues Tax Warrants Early to Allow for Pre-Payment

OSWEGO COUNTY – The County of Oswego, per Governor Andrew Cuomo’s statewide Executive Order No. 172, has prepared 2018 property tax warrants early and made them available to local tax collectors.

This action allows taxpayers to pay their 2018 property tax bills in 2017.

Property owners considering the option to pay their 2018 property taxes before the end of 2017 should consult with their tax preparer.

Payments are made to local municipal tax collectors.

The county does not accept direct tax payments until spring, when bills have reached the delinquent stage.

For more information, or to arrange for early payments, contact your local municipal tax collector.


  1. Go ahead folks and fall for this liberal’s chicken little tactic of giving your money away to the state early to play with. How many regular blue-collar people actually pay more than $10,000 a year in property taxes? For those who don’t you would be foolish to send your money to the state early because the new tax laws will have no effect on you. This is just an effort by Cuomo to fund a bunch of subsidized giveaways to those folks who really don’t need the money.

  2. A property with an assessed value of $378,500 would be billed $14,787.76 in property tax and to pay them in 2017 instead of 2018 is a no-brainer, erik.

  3. A property with a value of under $400,000.00 having a tax bill of $1200.00 per month is nothing less than an abomination. The answer is not paying early, but to leave this state until the empty heads learn to lower the taxes in the first place. Until then, New York will remain as the top state where people used to live.

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