Oswego County OB-GYN Enhances Patient Services With PrimePatient

OSWEGO, NY – Dan Mather, practice manager with Oswego County OB-GYN, has announced that the practice is now offering its patients a state of the art service that will enhance their relationship with their physician and make it much more convenient to interact with the practice.

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Oswego County OB-GYN has established a new state of the art service for their patients, PrimePatient. Pictured are staff members of Oswego County OB-GYN wearing their “Are You A PrimePatient?" T-shirts.

“Our patients now have the option to log on to our website to become a PrimePatient,” said Mather.  “PrimePatient is a web portal that provides patients with a number of self-service and clinical care options in place of an office visit or phone call. Our goal with PrimePatient is to use some of the latest medical records technology available to create happier, healthier patients and improve the efficiency of our offices.”

The application is designed by Medfusion and interfaces with the practice’s electronic medical records system from Greenway Medical Technologies.

PrimePatient enhances the practice’s workflow by allowing patients to enter their data and communicate directly with physicians and practice staff.

This open communication will positively impact patient health management and improve provider-patient relationships.

Some of the services available to PrimePatient users include: Appointment Scheduling, Pre-Registration, Patient History Interviews, Patient-initiated prescription refill requests, Secure, patient-clinician messaging, Electronic Bill Pay, Personal Health Record.

Mather added that one of the biggest benefits of PrimePatient is that patients are able to create and maintain a personal health record in PrimePatient.

“A PHR is typically a health record created and maintained by an individual regarding his or her own condition. It provides a complete, accurate summary of current health, chronic problems and medical history. They will also be able to complete registration and health history forms customized to record their present illness information, family, social and medical histories and other pertinent information. This data can be ready for clinical use when the patient arrives, making their appointment more efficient by enhancing physician-patient communication. By utilizing PrimePatient our patients have the tools at their fingertips to initiate and maintain a comprehensive personal health record,” he said.

This PHR can be saved, updated, printed and taken to other healthcare facilities to save the patient time and effort there as well.

PrimePatient also allows for phone-free services such as secure online consults, answers to non-urgent medical questions, provider requests, as well as test and lab alerts.

This secure communication via a web portal allows for more efficient communication between patient and physician.

The service in the future will provide users with access to a library of detailed educational handouts and videos to help patients gain a more thorough understanding of their illnesses and medications and better manage their health.

“We are excited about the possibilities of our new PrimePatient service and happy to be able to offer this benefit. We value our patients and pride ourselves in offering them the finest in medical care and customer service. By initiating our PrimePatient web portal we are moving our practice and our patients into the future of health care,” added Mather.

For more information about Oswego County OB-GYN and the PrimePatient option, call 343-2590 or visit www.ocobgyn.net