Oswego County Officials Urge Caution In Traveling Today

OSWEGO – Road conditions throughout Oswego County are extremely hazardous due to heavy snow and wind conditions. The Oswego County Sheriff’s Office and Oswego County Highway Superintendent urge people to avoid traveling in the northeast portion of the county.

Visibility conditions are very poor and highway crews are having a difficult time keeping up with the amount of snow and blowing conditions, the officials said.

People should use extreme caution while traveling and should check on conditions before they set out.

This morning the lake effect snow bands were creating hazardous conditions north of Route 104 and east of Route 11, but according to the National Weather Service – Buffalo Forecast Office, the bands are expected to drift steadily south during the next few hours.

Conditions will improve in the north but the band will drift first to the Oswego/Mexico/Williamstown area and by afternoon is expected to impact the Fulton/Parish area.