Oswego County Opportunities Adjusts OPT Bus Routes

FULTON, NY – Oswego County Opportunities has announced that its transportation service, OPT, has made adjustments to its OPT 12 route which serves the Central Square – Mexico – Pulaski – Fulton – Williamstown area.

The new route, which has been posted on the buses since early March, will be effective April 17.

OPT Route 12, which formerly began its route at Vella’s Market in Cleveland, will now begin at Towpath Towers in Fulton.

The bus follows a route that includes numerous stops along the way in Mexico, Williamstown, Central Square and Pulaski.

The update to the OPT 12 route was necessitated by the need to accommodate more riders along the route and the lack of riders along Route 49 in the Cleveland and Bernhards Bay area.

“New York State periodically audits our OPT routes to check the activity and get a count of the number of riders using the service” explained OCO Executive Director Diane Cooper-Currier. “If there are not enough people using the service the state will tell us to shut the route down. With only one or two people in the Route 49 Cleveland, Constantia area utilizing the OPT service we had to adjust Route 12 accordingly. Additionally we have established a new transfer site at Springbrook in Pulaski. From that site riders may transfer to OPT routes 10, 11, or 12. We have also coordinated our schedule so that riders will be able to transfer to a Centro bus at many of our stops.”

Cooper-Currier added that those individuals along the Route 49 corridor in the Bernhards Bay and Cleveland areas do have access to OPT’s Call-n-Ride service that is available Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Call-n-Ride is also available the Pulaski area on the first and third Mondays.

To schedule a pick-up you may call OPT at 315-598-1514 or toll free at 877-484-3287.

For more information on OPT and a complete listing of all the routes visit www.oco.org.

OCO, Inc. is a private, non-profit agency that has been supporting communities throughout Oswego County since 1966.

A member agency of the United Way of Greater Oswego County, OCO provides more than 50 vital services throughout 100 separate locations.

For more information, visit www.oco.org.

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  1. OCO is dead wrong about this change. Not for one minute do I believe the excuse about there not being enough passengers. With every route cutback they will have fewer people.

    As I indicated in my recent editorials about this change, OCO, if it wants more riders, needs to add service, NOT cut it back. They can have a column in the weekly papers. And advertise! And whenever changes to routes have to be made, public input MUST be taken into account.

    OPT-12 and the North Country run from Pulaski have been merged into one run that makes no sense. I live in Central Square and am disabled & use a power wheelchair. I live in an apartment complex whose residents are primarily seniors and disabled. We can only go to Walmart once a day. Before this change it was twice…..and before that change it was more than that.

    With this new run, there are no more runs to Vellas. No more runs to Cleveland. There is one DSS employee who had to make alternate arrangements for a ride or he would have had to quit his job. He is from the Constantia area. There is a young lady from the same area who worked at a fast food restaurant in Central ‘Square. As far as I know she had to give up her job.

    Not only that, I happen to know these buses are NOT coordinated as claimed by the author of this nonsense. Central Square residents can get to DSS, but would have no way to get home, whether they have an appointment there or have to connect to Centro.

    OCO has done a very poor job letting the public know about these changes. This publication is not available in my area or Pulaski. And as for OCO’s website, this new schedule went up AFTER it took effect.

    Last week I was on OPT-12 and a young man had to beg a ride from someone to Walmart. He came from near Constantia and had an appointment at DSS for emergency assistance, which I hope was not jeopardized because he missed it. He didn’t know about this change until the day he tried to catch the bus.

    OCO does not care about the needs of the people who they are supposed to serve. If they can’t do the job right, I would suggest they step aside and let Centro take over!

    The Sandy Creek area, btw, is in desperate need of better service. I know of residents at Creekside Apartments who don’t have a car and could use public transit. It is too far for a route deviation from Tops, so the route needs to be extended (distance and time-wise).

    These changes are hurting alot of people and I know w/o a doubt that OCO has had many complaints, not only from riders who have had their lives turned upside down but also from businesses who have been adversely impacted by this.

    Imo anyone who makes such changes should be forced to live on these schedules to see how hard it is for us little people.

    The bean counters at OCO have no heart at all, or if they do, they’re made of stone!

    If this comment seems harsh it’s only because I and other OCO riders are tired of this very unreliable transport outfit!

    I wish Centro would take over. How about it, Centro?

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