Oswego County Planning Seeks Input for 2020 Census

OSWEGO – The Oswego County Planning Office is looking for people to help provide input for the 2020 U.S. Census Participant Statistical Areas Program.

Those interested are asked to contact the Oswego County Community Development, Tourism and Planning Department by May 31.

“The PSAP allows participants to review and update select statistical area boundaries such as census tracts, block groups, census-designated places and census county divisions,” said David Turner, director of the Oswego County Community Development, Tourism and Planning Department. “This will be our only opportunity to evaluate these standard geographies before the upcoming census.”

The U.S. Census Bureau uses the defined statistical areas to organize data for the American Community Survey throughout the decade.

Turner added, “The information gathered from the review and census is used to prepare grant applications which fund community and regional development, energy, transportation, education, agriculture and environmental programs. It’s also a way to plan for future improvements and needs in the community.”

Oswego County Associate Planner Karen Noyes said, “We’re looking for input from regional planning agencies, local municipalities, economic development authorities, chambers of commerce, business groups, researchers and civic associations.”

Maps of current census tracts, block groups, designated places and county divisions are currently available on the Oswego County Community Development, Tourism and Planning website at http://oswegocounty.com/planning/.

For more information about PSAP, including detailed criteria about the standard statistical areas, go to https://www2.census.gov/geo/pdfs/partnerships/psap/PSAP-InfoGuide.pdf.

To provide input on any of the standard statistical geographies, contact Noyes at 315-349-8295 or [email protected] before May 31.