Oswego County Provides Ideal Hunting Grounds for Field Testing

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Professional sportsmen from Millennium Designed Muzzleloaders, Ltd. (MDM) recently visited Oswego County to field test several new products. Pictured at K & G Lodge are, from left: Chris Ellis, MDM Pro Staff; Craig Sanborn, MDM President; Al Raychard, MDM Pro Staff; and Greg Gehrig, K & G Charters and Lodge.

A group of professional outdoorsmen from Millennium Designed Muzzleloaders, Ltd. (MDM) recently traveled to Oswego County to field test several new products that the company will soon be offering. After meeting with Greg Gehrig of K & G Charters and Lodge in Oswego, the group chose this area for the excellent spring turkey hunting opportunities.

“This is beautiful country here,” said Craig Sanborn, MDM President. “The property is well-managed and offers abundant game. It’s a wonderful place to visit and K & G Lodge made it more so with comfortable accommodations and great meals.”

A known leader in muzzleloader technology, MDM is conducting extensive testing on a black powder substitute, shotshell components, speedloaders and a breech plug lubricant.

MDM has acquired Black Mag ’3, a blackpowder substitute that is extremely clean and proving to be very reliable in both velocity and accuracy. It is safer to handle or transport and contains more energy on a weight basis than blackpowder. It also forms considerably less residue, which is both water-soluble and non-corrosive.

“After extensive range shooting and field testing, I have found Black Mag ’3 to be the cleanest-burning, safest, most-reliable and easiest-to-clean black powder substitute on the market,” said Al Raychard, MDM pro staff member.

The team also tested shotshell components for muzzleloading shotguns. These ‘heavier-than-lead’ tungsten loads are used for taking large birds, such as turkeys or geese and will be packaged specifically for bird hunters.
“MDM has designed an easy and effective way for hunters to quickly reload their muzzleloaders,” said Sanborn. “These speedloaders are called Lightning Loads and were put to the test along with Smooth-Kote, a breech plug lubricant.”

The latter is a new innovation in the muzzleloading industry. Brought to market by MDM, it is a dry lubricant that is used on projectiles as well as on components of the muzzleloader itself.

MDM is based in Maidstone, Vermont. Its development of the Break-Open-Action (BOA) inline muzzleloader earned the company a reputation as a pioneer in the muzzleloading industry.

Along with Sanborn, the sportsmen representing MDM included pro staffers, Al Raychard from Maine and Chris Ellis from West Virginia. The group’s collective hunting experience reaches the century mark and includes big and small game in the United States and Canada. Raychard’s awards include two world records with the Longhunter Society and Ellis’ hunting experiences include trips to Africa and New Zealand.

For more details about MDM and its products, visit www.mdm-muzzleloaders.com. For information about public hunting lands in Oswego County, or to obtain a copy of the Oswego County Fishing and Hunting Guide, call Oswego County Promotion and Tourism at 1-800-596-3200 ext. 8322 or go to www.visitoswegocounty.com.