Oswego County Quarter Midget Club Results

The Oswego County Quarter Midget Club (OCQMC) held another regular points race Sunday afternoon at their speedway, located at the intersection of Howard and Silk Roads in Volney. Wins were pocketed by Eymarah Bowman, Rich Elston, Addison Bowman, Amylynn Holland, Bailey Groves, Zach Sobotka and Gabby Fortino.

The club holds a “Fun Race” on Wednesday night, before another scheduled points race on Sunday, July 18th. Gates open a 8:30 am on Sunday, with practice following at 9 am. Admission and parking are free. For more information, please visit their website, OCQMC.com.

Feature Winners: Rich Elston, Amylynn Holland, Eymarah Bowman, Addison Bowman, Bailey Groves, Gabby Fortino, Zach Sobotka

The following are the feature finishes of the OCQMC race on July 11, 2010:

Jr. Novice – Red:
1.  Eymarah Bowman
2.  Dalton Megnin
3.  Lauren Taylor
4.  Emily Corcoran

Sr. Novice:
1.  Rich Elston

Jr. Honda:
1.  Addison Bowman
2.  Darrick Fortino
3.  Zach Anderson

Sr. Honda:
1.  Amylynn Holland
2.  Zach Sobotka
3.  Ryan Dolbear
4.  Tyler Coant
5.  Ethan Serow

Heavy Honda:
1.  Bailey Groves
2.  Brett Draper
3.  Allison Boyzuck

Lite 160:
1.  Zach Sobotka
2.  Amy Holland
3.  Camden Proud
4.  Ryan Dolbear
5.  Tyler Corcoran

Heavy 160:
1.  Bailey Groves
2.  Brett Draper
3.  Allison Boyzuck

1.  Gabby Fortino