Oswego County Quarter Midget Club Results – 7/25

This past Sunday, the Oswego County Quarter Midget Club held a regular points show at its home track in Volney.

Addison Bowman took top honors in the Jr. Honda class and continues to hold a comfortable lead in the division’s season points standings.

Results in the Sr. Honda and Light 160 classes saw Amylynn Holland and Zach Sobotka swap last week’s finishing positions. Holland scored the victory in the Sr. Honda class while finishing second in the Light 160 division. Sobotka ran runner-up to Holland in the Sr. Honda class, but took the win in the Light 160′s.

Sobotka still leads Holland in the Sr. Honda points, while Holland continues to hold the advantage over Sobotka in the Light 160′s.

Bailey Groves swept the Heavy Honda and Heavy 160 events. Groves holds a slim lead over Brett Draper in the Heavy Honda points standings. In turn, Draper holds the advantage over Groves in the Heavy 160 class.

Division points leader, Gabryel Fortino, earned the feature win the the Half class.

Eymarah Bowman pocketed the checkered flag in the Jr. Novice main, while the Sr. Novice feature was awarded to Payton Gorman.

The OCQMC will hold a “Fun Race” this Wednesday, before taking the weekend off. Their next scheduled event will be on August 8.

(From left to right) Gabby Fortino, Amylynn Holland, Addison Bowman, Bailey Groves, Eymarah Bowman, Payton Gorman, Zach Sobotka

Jr. Novice:
1.  Eymarah Bowman
2.  Lauren Taylor

Sr. Novice:
1.  Payton Gorman
2.  Rich Elston

Jr. Honda:
1.  Addison Bowman
2.  Zach Anderson
3.  Darrick Fortino

Sr. Honda:
1.  Amylynn Holland
2.  Zach Sobotka
3.  Ryan Dolbear
4.  Tyler Coant
5.  Ethan Serow

Heavy Honda:
1.  Bailey Groves
2.  Jordan Delucia
3.  Brett Draper
4.  Allison Boyzuck

Lite 160:
1.  Zach Sobotka
2.  Amylynn Holland

Heavy 160:
1.  Bailey Groves
2.  Brett Draper
3.  Allison Boyzuck

1.  Gabby Fortino

Any questions, please contact OCQMC Secretary/PR Director Michelle Holland at 963-4275 (work) or 591-1250 (cell).