Oswego County Quarter Midget Results

The Oswego County Quarter Midget Club (OCQMC) held a regular points race Sunday afternoon. Feature wins went to Eymarah Bowman, Rich Elston, Addison Bowman, Zach Sobotka, Brett Draper, Allison Boyzuck and Ian Williamson. The OCQMC takes the week off from its Volney track for the Memorial Day Weekend state races in Syracuse. They return to regular action at their home track located at the corner of Howard and Silk Road on Sunday, June 6.

Rich Elston, Allison Boyzuck, Ian Williamson, Brett Draper, Eymarah Bowman, Addison Bowman, Gabby Fortino & Zach Sobotka

However, the track will be open on Saturday, June 5 for the OCQMC Annual Promotion Day. If you are between the ages of 5 and 16 and interested in driving a race car, this is day is for you. The OCQMC Annual Promotion Day runs from 10:00 am through 2:00 pm. For a nominal fee, you can experience driving a quarter midget car. For more information, visit their website at www.ocqmc.com or call club President Tim Bowman, (315) 225-0881.

Results – May 23, 2010:

Jr. Novice:
1.  Eymarah Bowman
2.  Breannah Demo
3.  Payton Gorman

Sr. Novice:
1.  Rich Elston

Jr. Honda:
1.  Addison Bowman
2.  Ethan Serow
3.  Darrick Fortino
4.  David Barone

Sr. Honda:
1.  Zach Sobotka
2.  Ian Williamson
3.  Amylynn Holland
4.  Tyler Coant

Heavy Honda:
1.  Brett Draper
2.  Bailey Groves
3.  Jordan Delucia
4.  Allison Boyzuck

Lite 160:
1.  Zach Sobotka
2.  Ian Williamson
3.  Amylynn Holland
4.  Nate Brinker
5.  Kyle Demo
6.  Tyler Corcoran

Heavy 160:
1.  Allison Boyzuck
2.  Brett Draper
3.  Bailey Groves

Lite World Formula:
1.  Ian Williamson
2.  Nate Brinker

1.  Gabby Fortino