Oswego County Recognizes Americans With Disabilities Awareness Day

ADA Recognition
ADA Recognition

OSWEGO – The Oswego County Human Services Committee recently presented a proclamation designating Americans with Disabilities Awareness (ADA) Day on July 26 to representatives of ARISE.

ADA is a landmark piece of legislation that guarantees access to employment, public accommodations, services, and telecommunications to persons with disabilities.

The proclamation calls on county residents to recognize the enormous contributions of ARISE for ensuring that the rights of individuals with disabilities are acknowledged and protected.

Pictured from left are Committee Vice Chairman Shane Broadwell, District 17; Thomas Drumm, District 16; Committee Chairman Daniel LeClair, District 8; James Karasek, District 22 Legislator and manager of independent living services for ARISE; Sabine Ingerson, ARISE Director; Michael Moss, member of the Oswego Advisory Committee of ARISE; Joshua Solazzo, Peer Advocate; Jeanne Czirr, Administrative Assistant; Ken Skillen, Advocate and CDPAP Assistant; Cheryl Arnold, Manager of the CDPAP Program; Shawn Doyle, District 3; John Proud, District 7; Tim Stahl, District 20, and Heather DelConte, District 18.