Oswego County Republican Committee Considers Potential Judge Candidates

The Oswego County Republican Committee held candidate screening and schedules endorsement meeting for newly created Family Court Judge position.

“It is critically important to me that the OCRC listens to its members and every committee person has a voice in this process,” said OCRC chairman Michael Backus.

With recently passed state legislation signed by the Governor, Oswego County is poised this November to elect a second Family Court Judge.

The town and city chairs of the Oswego County Republican Committee met Monday night to hear from interested candidates and discuss setting up a process to consider an endorsement.

“I am proud that we had both cities and nearly every town represented last night at our meeting,” said Backus. “Since I was elected chair, we have held these meetings quarterly to keep our local leaders involved and for them to give me direction on how best to lead the OCRC.”

The OCRC heard from five interested candidates: Jim Eby, Salvatore Lanza, Thomas Benedetto, Ed Izyk, and Eben Norfleet.

All candidates spoke for five minutes and took direct questions.

Immediately following the screening the town and city chairs discussed setting up a process to consider an endorsement.

An endorsement meeting will be held on July 9 at 6 p.m. at the Eis House in Mexico.

Any registered Republican interested in running for Family Court Judge must be nominated and seconded by a member of the OCRC in order to have their name considered for endorsement.

“Without question it is important that committee folks, the grassroots of the Republican Party, have an open discussion about this position,” said Backus. “Family Court is a sensitive place that is central to the needs of our county and I’m confident that the OCRC will endorse a candidate that will serve our county well.”

The OCRC is a volunteer led, community organization focused on promoting Republican values of limited government, low taxes and individual liberty.

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