Oswego County Republican Committee Unanimously endorses Hanna, applauds Sheriff Todd’s bid for re-election

MEXICO, NY – The Oswego County Republican Committee members from Congressional District NY-22 Thursday night unanimously supported Rep. Richard Hanna for re-election.

At the meeting, Oswego County Sheriff Reuel “Moe” Todd and his wife, Val, announced that Sheriff Todd would be seeking re-election as Oswego County Sheriff.

Oswego County Republican Chairman Michael C. Backus said, “Tonight was a wonderful evening for Oswego County uniting behind Rep. Hanna and giving Sheriff Todd a standing ovation when he announced his candidacy for re-election.”

Chairman Backus added, “Truly we are lucky and thankful to have both Rep. Hanna and Sheriff Todd serving Oswego County and there is no doubt that the OCRC will be in strong support of both of them this fall.”

Rep. Richard Hanna has served as a member of Congress since 2011 and has represented the eastern half of Oswego County since 2013.

“Congressman Hanna has been an independent voice for Oswego County since he was redistricted into our area and I am thankful that he is carrying on the legacy of John McHugh and many others who went to Washington to solve problems and fight for Oswego County,” said Chairman Backus.

Sheriff Todd as served as Oswego County sheriff since 1999.

“There are few individuals in elected office the quality of Sheriff Todd. He is a fighter for Oswego County and the beliefs we hold dear,” said Backus. “I think the standing ovation he received from the OCRC tonight is a testament to the service he has provided us and what he can bring in the future.”