Oswego County Restaurant Inspections Are Now Posted Online

OSWEGO –  A new feature on the Oswego County government website allows people to see the results of restaurant inspections conducted by the Health Department.

The results of inspections for restaurants and other food service establishments in Oswego County are available to the public through an online search at http://oswegocounty.com/Rest_Inspections.shtml

The database includes restaurants, bars, day care centers, schools, colleges, and senior nutrition sites.

The database does not include mobile vendors or temporary food service establishments.

“The Oswego County Health Department routinely conducts unannounced inspections of all food service establishments in the county at least once a year,” said Jiancheng Huang, Oswego County Public Health Director. “The new website link complies with an amendment to the New York State Public Health Law, which takes effect Dec. 18, 2014, that requires county health departments with websites to post a link to food service inspection results. We’re happy to be able to provide this service in partnership with the County Public Information Office.”

The data includes the name and location of food service establishments and the violations that were found at the time of their last inspection.

“The Environmental Division enforces rules that protect the public’s health at restaurants, bars, day-care centers, hotels, summer camps and other facilities. Each year, the division issues nearly 500 food service establishment permits, conducts more than 800 food service inspections and investigates approximately 50 food service complaints,” said Legislator John Proud, District 7, Mexico, chairman of the Legislature’s Health Committee.

All public health sanitarians who conduct food service inspections are certified food service inspection officers.

“The only part of a food establishment that is generally visible to the general public is the dining area,” said Natalie Roy, Associate Public Health Sanitarian. “By providing copies of inspection results to the public on this website, we are providing a glimpse of what is being seen by our inspectors behind the kitchen doors. It is important to keep in mind that inspections are only a snapshot in time and are not always reflective of the day-to-day operations and overall condition of the establishment.”

Occasionally, remediation may not appear until the following month due to the timing of the updates.

The data is updated on a monthly basis.

Last inspection data is the most recently submitted and available data.

Historical inspection data through 2005 is also available.

In addition to Legislator Proud, other members of the County Legislature’s Health Committee are Legislators James Karasek, vice chairman, District 22, Granby; Frank Castiglia, District 25, Fulton; Margaret Kastler, District 1, Sandy Creek; Michael Kunzwiler, District 18, Oswego; Linda Lockwood, District 11, Volney; Douglas Malone, District 20, Town of Oswego; and Morris Sorbello, District 23, Granby.

For more information on environmental services available through the health department, visit http://www.oswegocounty.com/health/environmental.html  or call 349-3557 weekdays.