Oswego County, Scriba and Mexico School District Move Closer to Tax Agreement for FitzPatrick Plant

OSWEGO – The Oswego County Legislature voted Tuesday (April 5) to hold public hearings April 14 on a tax agreement that would end years of litigation over assessment of the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant in Scriba.

The County Legislature scheduled public hearings for April 14 at 7 p.m. on a local law that allows the county to enter into a proposed five-year tax agreement with Entergy for the FitzPatrick plant.

The proposed agreement settles a tax certiorari lawsuit which Entergy brought against the town of Scriba in 2011.

The lawsuit challenged the tax assessment of the FitzPatrick plant for the years 2010 through 2015.

The proposed agreement prevents another challenge to the current assessment.

“By entering into this agreement with Entergy, the town of Scriba, Oswego County and Mexico Central School District avoid tax refunds for the years at issue in the tax certiorari proceedings in which the company alleged it was over-assessed,” said Oswego County Legislature Chairman Kevin Gardner, District 13, New Haven.

The Mexico Board of Education and the Scriba Town Board will also vote on resolutions authorizing the proposed agreement.

Under the proposed agreement,

–  The town of Scriba, Oswego County, and Mexico School District will NOT have to pay any refunds to Entergy for the years the company claimed they were over-assessed.

–  If FitzPatrick closes and begins decommissioning on schedule in 2017, the tax jurisdictions will be paid $27.5 million in declining tax payments by the company over five years.

–  If the FitzPatrick plant continues to operate and generate electricity, the tax jurisdictions will be paid $12 million per year for five years.  This is $2.8 million per year more than the 10-year tax agreement that expired in 2010. As an inducement to remain open, this payment is less than what Entergy would pay if the plant remained on the tax roll as an operating plant.

–  If the FitzPatrick plant is sold to another generator, the tax agreement is voided.

–  The tax jurisdictions would share in the payments as follows:  Mexico Central School District, 65.5 percent; Town of Scriba, 4 percent; and Oswego County, 30.5 percent.


  1. Make them move the nuclear waste somewhere other than leaving it on site. If they leave then take your waste with you. Make a law that would make them do this or pay dearly in large FEES until it is removed. Green energy my butt….??????

  2. Thank you so much ‘Nuclear Waste Watcher’ for being one of the very vocal people who helped contribute to the plant deciding to close and the entire area losing millions of tax dollars, not to mention some of the best paying jobs in the county. Hey check out todays news! You should be so proud to have helped: The school district had layoffs and are projecting that the future will hold larger and larger tax increases for property owners and also include continuously reducing programs for kids! The loss of Fitzpatrick Plant is sure to help the schools out too! You are the best. Thanks for helping the community.

  3. Right Ben, it’s “Nuclear waste watcher’s” fault.

    I don’t know if you’ve been around the United States for the past 30 years but there’s lots and lots of jobs that have disappeared, communities that have been gutted, public school systems that have been degraded.

    The reasons for this are not because progressive citizens oppose dangerous and antiquated nuclear power plants. It’s because the rich have accumulated so much for themselves, because corporations have zero loyalty to the country and its people, because we have not invested in infrastructure, education and newer, cleaner, less dangerous sources of energy.

    Those are not “Nuclear waste watcher’s” decisions, those are corporate and political decisions.

    I’d love to see you respond Ben with some harsh words for Wall Street, for greedy corporate executives, for oligarchs and plutocrats, for the real forces behind the continuing destruction of the American middle/working class.


  4. Greed and competition are what make individuals rise up and better themselves. Greed is not a dirty word. Greed is a motivator. Greed is what gives individuals the passion they need to get knocked down in business and to get back up and try again. Don’t curse the greedy business leaders. Those greedy business leaders are the ones brave enough to start businesses that employ the majority of people in this country. If we didn’t have those greedy business leaders the rest of us wouldn’t have good paying jobs. Don’t curse the business leaders who worked hard and earned more than the average person, because those business leaders are the ones who dared and risked and gambled to get what they got. It IS people like nuclear waste watcher who made business leaders find easier places to go. Stop encouraging an environment where it’s ok to be a parasite on businesses because you think they have something they don’t deserve, and get out there and earn it for yourself. The problem that nuclear waste watcher highlights is that he wants to ‘take from’ business rather than embrace what business gives. Fitzpatrick paid workers extremely well. In turn the local economy made good money from the well paid employees who spent their money in the town. Everyone benefited from those greedy businessmen. The evidence of that is what the city looked like in the 1950’s and 1960’s contrasted with what state it is in today. It’s not ok to punish Fitzpatrick or business leaders simply because they have more than everyone else. As soon as the world stops allowing people to have more than other people no one will bother to struggle to rise to greatness. I have no intention to write any more responses. Fitzpatrick will close, the money will leave, Oswego will continue to decline.

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