Oswego County – Working Together, Working for the Environment

This April 22, will be the 42nd Anniversary of Earth Day. There will be millions of people worldwide taking part in events, programs and projects that protect and advocate the sustainability of our planet.

Simple Acts of Green, are everyday things we can easily do to conserve and sustain our environment. Recycle, turn lights off when not in use, plant a tree, share your ride to work. These are just a few.

Oswego County Environmental Management Council invites you to take part in a Simple Act of Green.

Throughout the week of April 21 through the 29, individuals, families, schools, organizations and communities will be working to pickup litter, plant trees and gardens, clear trails and help with other environmental projects.

Whether you work with a group, your family or by yourself, help take part.

By going to the Oswego County Earth Week website you can get information on
how you can participate.

If needed, work gloves and trash bags are available.

There is a link for the listing of groups taking part in projects and events.

The website has information on environmental and energy conservation, green ideas and tips. http://www.oswegocounty.com/earthweek.html

We will be working for the environment and keeping our county clean and beautiful.

Thank you,
Richard Drosse, OC EMC
Earth Week Coordinator