Oswego County’s Share of Stimulus Funds So Far: $80 Million

Oswego County is getting a middling share of federal stimulus funds, according to a county-by-county breakdown supplied by the Governor’s office Monday. (See the full table below.)

An analysis by Oswego County Today that compared the amount of stimulus funds to the population of the counties shows that Oswego County is getting $659.87 in stimulus funds for each of the county’s 121,454 residents (using 2007 Census estimates).

That’s below the $804.68 average for each person in the state, but a little above the median amount of $641.53. The median number is the 50% line — half of all counties earned more than that, and half earned less.

The highest per capita spending so far is occuring in rural counties. The top 5:

Seneca County: $2,185 per person
Cattaraugus County: $1,686 per person
Steuben County: $1,629 per person
Essex County: $1,253 per person
Tompkins County: $1,181 per person

Schenectady County, at just $138.58 per person, lags far behind all other counties in stimulus funds.

Oswego County has received $29.7 million in stimulus funding that went directly to people, as unemployment benefits or food stamps. Stimulus funds extended these programs to help states cope with higher and longer-term unemployment. $29.6 million in stimulus funds went to county government for Medicaid relief, or to the county’s 9 school districts to preserve jobs.

Another $11 million has been spent in the county on highway repairs, home weatherization and clean water programs.

Nearly $10 million more has been used for other programs in the county that were not broken down in the Governor’s report.

The state says it has spent about $15.5 billion in stimulus funds so far, and has another $2.5 billion to be allocated. Some of that money will go to programs that do not affect specific counties, but have a statewide impact.

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