Oswego District Celebrates Retirees

OSWEGO – With about 532 years of service to the Oswego City School District, 23 staff members were celebrated for their retirement throughout the 2018-2019 school year.

Patricia Natoli, an aide at Minetto Elementary School, had to fight back tears as she was celebrated for her 25 years of service to the Oswego City School District, alongside several other retirees at a recent board meeting. She is pictured with OCSD Superintendent Dr. Dean Goewey, right, whom she worked with while he was at Minetto. In back is newly-elected BOE president Heather DelConte.

All honorees were recognized during the July 1 board of education meeting, where those present were provided with a certificate and token of apperception for their hard work and dedication for their service to OCSD students, colleagues and buildings.

Superintendent Dr. Dean Goewey said each retiree has made a significant difference and he wished them a happy retirement.

Celebrated retirees included: Alive Bristol, aide at Minetto Elementary with 47 years of service; Lisa Brown, a teaching assistant at Oswego High School with 18 years of service; William Carney, a bus driver with six years of service; Tina Flack, a food service worker at Leighton with 23 years of service; Shirley Hadley, a teacher at OHS with 19 years of service; Christine Haessig, an Oswego Middle School teacher with 30 years of service; Lynn Hawksby, a teaching assistant at OHS with 21 years of service; Cynthia Jimenez, a custodial worker at Charles E. Riley Elementary with 11 years of service; Joyce Ellen, a teaching assistant at OMS with 16 years of service; Mary Lamphier, an aide at CER with 13 years of service; Kathleen Manion, a teacher at Minetto Elementary with 30 years of service; Dianne Mitchelson, a custodian at CER with 16 years of service and Patricia Natoli, an aide at Minetto with 25 years of service.

Also honored were: Judy Oleyourk, a teaching assistant at Minetto with 22 years of service; Mary Pensero, a nurse at CER with 15 years of service; Robin Pryor, a bus driver with 29 years of service; Ronald Scaccia, warehouse coordinator with 29 years of service; Holly Schopp, a teacher at Minetto with 30 years of service; Marilee Taylor, a school counselor at Minetto with 28 years of service; Kathy Tice, a food service worker at Fitzhugh Park Elementary with 14 years of service; Sharon Vollmer, a typist at Oswego High School with 34.5 years of service; Barbara Wheeler, assistant principal at OHS with 17 years of service and Pamela Whiting, a custodial worker at OMS with 38 years of service.

Following the recognition, the retirees, guests and meeting attendees were treated to a light refreshments.