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October 20, 2018

Oswego District Recognizes Its Retirees

The retirees on hand for Tuesday's ceremony pose with the superintendent and board of education.

The retirees on hand for Tuesday’s ceremony pose with the superintendent and board of education.

OSWEGO – The Oswego City School District said goodbye Tuesday night to more than 535 years’ of experience.

The school board recognized the district employees who are retiring at the end of this school year.

They were each congratulated by Superintendent Dr. Dean Goewey and board president Aimee Callen.

Following the presentation of certificates, the retirees were treated to light refreshments and congratulations from friends and family in the audience.

The District Clerk read the resolution:

“Whereas, the following employees have served the students and staff of this school district to the present and have been the most responsible, conscientious, and dedicated staff members in service to the school district; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, that the members of the Board of Education of the Oswego City School District hereby acknowledge the faithful service of the following employees accepting their resignation for the purpose of retirement, and we express our grateful appreciation to them.”

The retirees include:

Robert Andres (Transportation) School Bus Driver – 15 years

Carol Carroll (FPS) Elementary Teacher/Literacy Specialist – 26 years

Joan Dain (KPS) Literacy Specialist – 26 years

Gregory Geers (Warehouse) Senior Maintenance Worker – 35 years

Kris Johnston Incarcerated Youth Teacher – 11 years

Janet Knight (MIN) AIS/RTIM/Reading Teacher – 40 years

Lee Laurion (OHS) Mathematics Teacher – 30 years

Deborah Lavner (FLS) Physical Education Teacher – 32 Years

James Liccardi (TRA) School Bus Driver – 2.5 years

Christine Marsh (TRA) School Bus Driver – 30 years

Sharon McCoy (WHS) Typist – 40 years

Anna Marie Natoli (EDC) Typist – 22 years

Russell Partridge (OHS) Special Education Teacher – 28 years

Mary Ann Pettie (FLS) Cook – 20 years

Mary Schickling (FPS) Elementary Teacher – 34 Years

Lisa Shannon (OMS) Physical Education Teacher – 20 years

Jo Ellen Smith (EDC) Senior Account Clerk – 21 years

Roger Sprague (KPS) Elementary Teacher – 24 years

Sharon Vollmer (OHS) Typist – 32 years

Barbara Wheeler (OHS) Assistant Principal – 17 years

Laurie Yule (KPS) Art Teacher – 32 Years

Roger Sprague, left, is congratulated by some of his fellow retirees.

Roger Sprague, left, is congratulated by some of his fellow retirees.

“A few years ago, we started doing a retiree appreciation ceremony in June for all of the district retirees. An invitation was sent out to all the employees who would be retiring in the coming weeks,” Dr. Goewey said. “This year, I think we’re doing a better job of recognizing our employees. We have a great appreciation for the service of our staff and teachers.”

Sprague, also president of the Oswego Classroom Teachers’ Association, said he enjoyed his time as an elementary teacher, mostly at Kingsford Park. But, there comes a time when you know it’s time to move on, he acquiesced.

“I enjoyed going to work every day,” he said. “I touched a lot of young lives in a positive way, I hope. I’m going to miss it; I’m going to miss the people – the staff and all the students. There are a lot of good people retiring tonight.”

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