Oswego Eyes Extension of Broadwell Agreement

OSWEGO – The Port City and a local business are considering extending a pact they approved last year.

At this week’s Administrative Services Committee meeting, Tom Reynolds, assistant city attorney, said he received a request from The Broadwell Hospitality Group for an extension of the East Linear Park Transient Dockage agreement for an additional four years.

In 2017, BHG was approved for management of the East Linear Park transient docking.

BHG seeks a deal to continue to provide minor custodial maintenance and appropriate signage along the East Linear Park from the area just north of the bridge to the area just south of the entrance to the marina.

And, they will provide promotional information of local businesses and attractions to transient boaters in exchange for collecting transient dockage fees to be charge at a rate of one dollar per foot.

In Other Business:

Nate Emmons, director of the Rental Assistance Program requested authorization for the City Chamberlain to transfer funds from General Fund Contingent to CHADA Admin not to exceed $6,100 for the installation of an ADA accessible entry door for the office.

There was some discussion as to whether the city or the landlord would pay the bill. The landlord agreed to split the cost with the city.

Randy Griffin, fire chief, requested permission to send two members of the Oswego Fire Department to the NYSAFC 112th Annual Conference Multifaceted Elevator Rescue Training, June 14, in Verona, NY.

The Purchasing Department said bids were received for the 2018 Street Milling and Paving Project. The low bid was submitted by Barrett paving Materials in the amount of $776,867.

These requests were sent to the full council for consideration.

Kevin Caraccioli, city attorney, sought the Common Council’s consideration of a request presented by National Grid for the purchase of approximately .35-acre of the unused portion of Burkle Street that is adjacent to other property owned by the company that houses its gas regulation station.

The city code permits the council to transfer unused property and paper streets to adjacent property owners provided the council determines that the paper street is no longer needed and the transfer doesn’t interfere with or disrupt other essential city services. It doesn’t appear the transfer would pose any problem, the city attorney said.

The committee tabled the request until its next meeting for further review.