Oswego Festival Of Winds Concert A Hit With Students

OSWEGO – Several Oswego High School students in various ensembles recently had the opportunity to work under the direction of guest conductor William Davern during the annual Oswego High School Music Department Festival of Winds band concert.

Davern brought his musical expertise as director of fine arts for the West Genesee Central School District to OHS’ concert band, symphonic band and wind ensemble. After he had worked with dozens of students throughout the day on March 8, each musical group showcased their learning during a public concert the evening of March 9.

OHS music teacher Scott Ciesla said the concert’s intent was to bring in outside artists, master educators and exceptional musicians to work with OHS students.

“The festival dates back to the early 1980’s and brought in musical giants such as Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Karel Husa, Francis McBeth, Jared Spears and Timothy Mahr, as well as many other incredibly talented conductors and composers from across the country,” he said. “It is a wonderful opportunity for the students to learn from someone else in the music field. It allows them to experience music in a different capacity, make further musical discoveries, and interact with other musicians who are passionate about music, music education, and who strive to provide the best experiences for all students.”

Wind ensemble members included: Megan Albright, Joseph Alfieri, Jacob Bellardini, Randy Bills, Andrew Bornheimer, Janie Brooks, Nicholas Brown, Andrew Caprin, Allison Choate, Taylar Clohecy, Joshua Collett, Dakota Countryman, Airyona Croci, Kaitlyn Czerow, Sophia DeLorenzo, Jack Dodd, Jillian Dowdle, Edmund Easter, Daniel Emmons, Maxwell Fischer, Zachary Griffin, Paige Hammond, Aaron Hibbert, Kaitlyn Kelly, Elizabeth Martin, Liberty McCracken, Abigail McPherson, Maggie McSweeney, Justin Mull, Gracelynn O’Connor, Zeida Olson, Jonathan Plyler, Dane Richardson, Morgan Samson, Paige Sawyer, Elijah Shambo, Katherine Shene, Tessa Smith, Aidan Thompson, Keegan Thompson, Thomas Wallace, Jesse Young and Drew Youngman.

Members of the concert band are: Nathan Allen, Marcus Baker, Toby Baker, Brandon Barlow, Cameron Beech, Cordeilia Brown, Louis Brown, Katherine Canales-Reyes, Audrey Clark, Gemma Dearing, Zachary DeMott, Jasmine DeSantis, Shannon Doyle, Nathan Dunn, Brandon Earle, Brody Engle, Ryan Engler, Gabe Fenzi, Kaylee Gillette, Connor Griffin, Zachary Hansen, Curtis Kaye, Makayla Libbey, Martin Lilly, Kaeden Livesey, Kenneth Martin, Jasmine McCracken, Aidan McKean, Zachary Metott, Alyssa Morely, Patrick Murray, Preston Norfleet, Victoria Payne, Mariah pepper, Noah Pryor, Kyle Rice, Derek Sabatini, Stephen Saltalamachia, Aidan Seinoski, Danika Sinclair, Connor Syrell, James Talamo, Allison Tyrrell, Allison Vincent, Landon Voss, Karter Ward and Jason Zhang.

Symphonic band participants include: William Adkins, Damien Allen, Hayley Bandla, Jillian Bartlett, Rachel Blum, Bryson Bush, Madison Casper, Joshua Chun, Ava Cloonan, Joshua Clyne, Luvlee Croci, Nicholaus DeSacia, Emily Eastman, Logan Engle, Jordan Engler, Huck Fitzgerald, Cameron Ford, Hailey Furlong, Allison Griffin, Tyler Griffin, Zachary Griffin, Brennah Jones, Jason Katzman, Jillian Knopp, Nicholas LiVolsi, Sasha Loayza, Lacey Marino, John McGhee-Laracuente, Griffin Miller, Alyssa Morely, Amanda Nettles, James Niger, Gracelynn O’Connor, Hunter Pryor, Ian Rogers, Michael Ruotolo, Tabitha Saller, Francesca Scanlon, Alexandra Stowell, Aidan Thompson, Keegan Thompson, Cody Vincent, Kylie Wallace, Jacob Weigand, Ryan Wood, Mariah Woodward and Jared Yoder.